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Twitter Blue is relaunched with blue seal, original features and more expensive on iPhone



Twitter should finally relaunch a new version of the premium subscription service this Monday (12) . Twitter Blue will be more expensive for the iPhone , will allow editing tweets, uploading videos in 1080p, reading mode and getting the famous blue badge. 

The original subscription price is US$ 8, but it will cost US$ 11 on iOS. Those who make the purchase through the browser, even if they are on iOS, should enjoy the reduced price. This was already expected since last week , but now it has been officially confirmed. You can also check the best  tweet scheduler for more info.


Although an official explanation has not been given, it is clear that the additional amount is due to the fees applied by Apple in its official store. It’s just not clear why only Apple was punished, after all the Google Play Store also retains a percentage of sales.

A few days ago, the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, made a series of publications criticizing Apple for various reasons. He feared that the app would be banned from the App Store, as he would have received a notification , due to the lack of content moderation. One of the harshest criticisms was in relation to the 30% percentage that the iPhone manufacturer charges on sales made by the ecosystem.

Musk, on the other hand, explained that the confusion over the removal of the microblogging site from Apple’s app store was rectified during his discussion with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

What is Twitter Blue?

Blue already existed before Elon Musk took over the social network, but it has been rethought to offer something that many people think is important: the blue verification seal. With the change, anyone who pays will be entitled to the symbol, which was used to differentiate true accounts from false ones.

This revamped version was released with blue check support in early November, but the company had to pause it due to the rise of fake accounts . A new date was stipulated on November 29th , but plans had to be postponed again.

Musk’s intention with Twitter Blue is to increase the recurring revenue of his social network, especially after half of the biggest advertisers on the social network left the platform fearing the future. With the drop in revenue, the company had to fire employees and put the rest to work hard , even offering beds in meeting rooms for those who prefer to stay there instead of returning home.

Some of the benefits that are anticipated to be made available to Blue subscribers shortly include 50% less ads than non-verified users, the ability to publish longer videos on the network, and early access to select new features through Twitter Blue laboratories.

Notification of Shadow banned

Musk stated on Thursday that the company is working on a procedure that will notify Twitter users if their tweets have been restricted through a process known as shadow banning and allow them to appeal the issue. The statement came after journalist Bari Weiss revealed pictures of business records implying that Twitter staff downplayed conservative views on the site.

In a tweet on Thursday, Musk stated, “Twitter is working on a software upgrade that will reveal your genuine account status.” “So you know for sure whether you’ve been shadowbanned, why, and how to appeal.”

Tiwtter, like other social media platforms, has been accused of restricting specific sorts of political speech on the platform, a technique known as shadowbanning, in which a comment or post is made visible only to the individual who wrote it.