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Ways to Get Soaked in Culture in Your Kerala Trip



Soaked in Culture

You have been waiting for a lifetime for that one single opportunity that will leave you soaked in culture. You searched for it so long, but it could never find you. Being soaked in culture is what you yearn for, it is what you firmly believe in and it now stands as your core ideological pillar.

And if you are hell-bent on doing so, then the entire universe will conceive to show you the path straight towards the doors of enlightenment. We form that one speck in-universe who can teach you how Kerala is one of the finest of the find to find fine cultural rhetoric in a place where one can unconditionally rely on his senses to feel the extraordinary wisdom of the unspoken language of the world.

Not beating too much around the bush as we already have, let’s bring to you some concise and practical ways to fulfill your primordial desire ever since birth, to get soaked in culture in your first Kerala trip:

World’s Finest Breakfast

Rated so and so by a Travel & Leisure magazine, one can entice himself with a healthy local Keralite breakfast by having a dose of Uppma, Masala Dosa, Idly, Appals and Puttu, which are glorified names of common dishes made with common ingredients such as meat or chicken stew.

Paddy Fields

 Feeling the silt, the mud, the slimy water beneath your feet, you feel a sensation yet unknown. The one claiming nostalgia, borrowing a day from your childhood, giving you unique tempting feelings in the humid evenings when time stands still, everything presents itself as a lashing smoke

 Roadside Coconut Water

One can argue that one can have the same stuff in Delhi as well, but this one’s listed here not for its uniqueness but simply for its nutritional optimization that keeps you going through the hot days.

  1. Backwater Blues

One can explore the backwaters in their Kerala Tour by merely sitting in a houseboat. The boat has bedrooms, dining, lounge, and other stuff. The glass walls allow for a clear surrounding view. One can have a candlelight dinner if she wants to, but all left to personal choices.

Sadya from Banana Lead

Sitting with your legs crossed on a mat, one can have the traditional Keralite lunch called Sadya served with rice, vegetarian dishes, pickles and whatnot. It is supposed to be enjoyed when eaten with bare hands as your cutlery. The meal is served on a leaf and is served during Onam. You can even request your hotel for the same.


One can fish using Chinese Fishing Nets in Kochi. The nets are installed fixedly on the land and are counter weighed by large stones tied to ropes. Tourists can leave their tourist tag behind and participate with the fishermen; however, they will allow you only if you are a tourist, but there’s no fixed rule really.

Kerala Saree

Women and Men (if they wish to) have an option of draping along with themselves the elegance of a Kerala saree which is woven on a traditional handloom and bears a golden zari border. This can also stand to be a physical proof of your week spent here, in case you never arrive at a chance to be here ever again.


One always has the freedom of staring at birds from a long distance. They don’t mind really, and it’s not just crows and pigeons that we are talking about here, one can be witness to the preserved species in the bird sanctuaries of Kerala like Kumarakom, and spot rare species like Nilgiri, Babbler, Lark, Wood Pigeon and as many others as you can spot.


If one has no money to spend or wants to be free of material restraints then they can drench themselves in the monsoon rain while sipping a cup of chai. That’s how it has been done traditionally, but if you don’t wish to feel wet you can watch the rain from your home, listen to music, contemplate life, consider leaving it all behind, and for certain smell the smell of earth.

Temple Music

If you are sick of the sick beats of that latest disc jockey and yearn for some authentic amalgamation of carefully produced noises that harmonize into symphonies then you can always walk by to a nearby temple, which always wouldn’t be the case as you shield yourself away in a deeply embedded resort somewhere far away from where the local life lies. But that’s entirely a choice really.

Local Markets

Every city, state, town, district has its local markets that facilitate the liquidities of a simple life. You can jog by to the market and closely window shop while pretending to inspect with an honest intention to buy the items ranging from vegetable, fruit, meat, or some other non-consumable item.

Bullock Race

Now this one is interesting, as much as the horse race, however, no betting allowed here (or maybe it is). But yes, the race that is called Maramadi doesn’t involve torturing these animals except with acceptable levels of normal pain. The race takes place in the rice fields and is a fine thing to witness, becoming wholeheartedly one with the cheering crowd.

Lulu Mall

Last option. If nothing remains a city freak can choose it to be his last option. However, for people still new to malls, one can always opt for a little change, and visit the mall without any bias.

Ride in a bullock cart

The carts fastened to the oxen neck along with the sound of the cart resonate an experience that many have already fallen normalized to, you, however, have an option of feeling it for quite the first time, so go give it a try without any contentions.

Hill Stations

Nothing much is required from you, except to sit down at a small place amongst the vast available land, but none of it, and feel all of it.

Visit Local Attractions

One always has the typical tourist options of visiting a Museum, Zoo or monument site. But plan out which one you really want to go, so that you can optimize your time

Bekal Fort

Talking about monuments, Bekal Fort is grand in its Magnus and offers a different perspective on life just by experiencing it in its eternal spirit. Visit the fort and make an effort to understand what it stands for, what you stand for.

And if nothing else suits you, there’s always the option of sitting back in your hotel room and using your internet to look at pictures of different places one can travel to in Kerala.



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