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Across the creative map of the world, a new generation is breeding – a cable-ready generation of digital natives, crazily believing in the DIY spirit and harnessing the power of digital to tell their stories.


Nurturing this generation with digital power will be an effective stimulator good enough to redefine the standard biases and limitations. They need to be introduced to a creative ecosystem, where they will be taught how to unleash the power of creativity; and think out of the box.

Creativity gives birth to artists – fearless, wild artists willing to walk on an untrailed path and leave behind a mark.


What is fear?


Fear is a feeling that keeps us grounded. Fear is what we feel when life gets chaotic or when an unpredictable event happens that gives us a setback. Though, the technical definition of fear is not brave – the real meaning of fear is deep and incomprehensible. When we are in fear, we see ourselves in the darkest of places struggling alone. Fear gives birth to Hope – that this phase will pass. Always remember, the fearless are born from the womb of fear.


I am sure, we all have different stories to tell about our experiences while facing fear. How the cobwebs of fear had entangled our spirit and a flash of creative intelligence forced us to become a warrior.


Creativity was the only savior!


The free-flowing creative juice shows us how to concoct fear and frame a new paradigm of consciousness. This newly discovered consciousness clarifies how to redefine the boundaries and challenge the status quo.

This consciousness is a creation of your authentic self. It doesn’t come to you in one shot but it’s a moment-by-moment creation. It is crafted by your conscious and sub-conscious mind after studying infinite patterns, thoughts, and experiences. So, learn to harvest that consciousness to defeat fear. Trust me, it will not only transform you but also, enrich/expand your role in the universe.


Now, let’s talk about our personality traits to overcome fear.


In a user-group survey, people from different walks of life impacted by fear shared their stories. The only common trait that inspired them to work hard to overcome fear is GRIT.


Psychologists have agreed that it is GRIT that manifests in the finest form of dedication, good habits, mental toughness, and optimism to eliminate fear.


It doesn’t mean that gritty people are fearless. They are more passionate and determined to make their vision come true. I encountered a few gritty people, they shared their secrets of overcoming fear.


“We would break down fear into smaller and smaller parts. After that, we would create a developmental plan and act on it. Gradually, after months, we would find ourselves in a better position.”


However, the methodology varies for different personality sets. I request you, to introspect along with me and then create a suitable action plan.



Keep it your mind – THE THREE R’s OF ELIMINATING FEAR 


  • Remember, if you expect that the whole fear will be eradicated in one go then it will be folly.
  • Recharge yourselves with renewed energy, passion, and trust to make a difference.
  • Respond with an assurance that the outcome will be better.


We have made every effort to redefine fear in this episode. One thing is for sure, everyone deep down is afraid of everything – be it specific fear or general fear.

Being fearless doesn’t mean the absence of fear but the courage to deal with anxiety or to be immune to fear.


As experts have said, Fear bleeds – so the best way out is to talk about your fears in your inner circle. The talking, the sharing, and the responding can be influential catalysts in disorienting fear.


So, set your sight on transforming yourself and start doing your SWOT Analysis – you need to embed a lot of qualities inside you to be super strong. And, it is not only GRIT but also, curiosity, empathy, focus, social skills, and creative intelligence.

Precisely, this should be your target –


So, I hope this article will gear you up to face fear like never before. Also, leave your feedback in the comment box.




Harshada Pathare is a multifaceted new-generation Indian, making a name for herself as an Author, and Contrarian Thinker who wishes to revitalize the creative industry with her design thinking skills and creative intelligence. Link to her website -