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How does Shamanic Soul Retrieval For Trauma Healing Works



Shamanic Soul Retrieval For Trauma Healing

The oldest method to heal your soul is shamanism. This method will let you know different methods to heal your soul. We will learn four directions and the medicine wheel. How to listen to the energy of our and other people, spirit guides, and ancestors also includes. We will learn Shamanic Soul Retrieval For Trauma Healing with the upper, lower, and middle worlds. Moreover, to have a deeper perception of ourselves and others, we should learn how to cure past-life traumas and illnesses. We should also interact with nature.

What are the causes of soul loss?

On this planet, the existence of humans can be suffering and stressful this is the reason everyone experiences soul loss in their lifetime. Here we will see various basis of soul loss;

  • Dependency of drug additions.
  • It can be due to emotional, sexual, physical, and mental abuse.
  • Some experiences that make you feel helpless, such as grief, pain, fear, and more.
  • Seeing your loved one dying before time.
  • The feeling of rejection or abandonment.
  • Experienced unexpected accident.
  • Forcing someone to behave unethically.
  • Being powerless due to a dysfunctional relationship.

Some signs that represent you are experiencing soul loss

These are some common symptoms that tell you are experiencing soul loss;

  • People forget particular parts of their life.
  • Some people feel something is missing from their life.
  • High depressions.
  • No purpose in life.
  • Insomnia also shows you are experiencing soul loss.
  • Facing difficulties in overcoming certain issues in life. \
  • The feeling of loss.
  • Lack of self-control.
  • Feelings of fear and anxiety.

What is Soul Retrieval?

The process of regaining the lost soul fragments with help of shamans is known as soul retrieval. Many cultures follow Shamanic Soul Retrieval For Trauma Healing.

Some cultures say that you should pray to your younger ones whenever you hurt themselves to make your soul loss-free. On the other hand, Bon shamanic believes that the soul is made up of five elements- fire, water, earth, wind, and space. If you want soul retrieval you should invoke five elements of deities.

Shamanic cultures recognize that if you experience physical or emotional harm, you are actually suffering from a spiritual ailment that damages your soul and may eventually manifest as a physical disease.

Soul retrieval is a vital step in the healing process to assist a person with a shattered soul to perceive completely again. The procedure of reintegrating the soul’s remaining fragments, which will restore the person’s power and potential energy, comes next after the other pieces have been located. The following are some advantages of soul recovery and reintegration:

  • Feeling of grounded
  • Great energy awake and more alive
  • The feeling of having a significant influence on the world
  • Making the decisions, behaviors, and choices with more awareness.
  • Better physical being.
  • No sign of insomnia.
  • Chasing good mental clarity.
  • Unbearable exhilaration or a sense of lightness will overtake you.
  • A sense of unity or completion will overtake you.


What is the mechanism of shamanic healing through soul retrieval?

The healers and psychologists of their communities have always been shamans. “Shamans are those who deal with the spiritual side of illness in many different cultures and around the world. A shaman uses divination, communication, and interaction with the spirit world to identify and treat ailments and to gather information. Assist souls in leaving this planet and entering another.”

Shamans will guide you to help retrieve the lost fragments of your soul with their ability to navigate the spirit world.

The affected person and the shaman will both experience trance states. Together with spirit companions, they will travel across the afterlife with the goal of finding the soul’s missing pieces. The client is given a narrative about the travel, or they might use active imagination to picture it. Throughout these voyages, one can come exposed to evil forces that might manifest as ferocious creatures like monsters, reptiles, or dragons.

In psychotherapy, the beasts in question are referred to as defensive mechanisms or the guardians of the soul. Overcoming these pessimistic energies is necessary to successfully recover the soul’s fragments.

Once the lost pieces of the client’s soul have been located by them and the two of them, the shaman will reunite them. Reintegration can be accomplished in several ways, including by blowing the energy back into the body, through a ceremony, or even with the aid of cognitive tools like inner child work or Gestalt therapy.


Final words

The shamanic is all about how anyone can exit from their pain, anxiety, and other bad experiences in life. In this world, several people suffer from different soul loss. People can retrieve their soul loss with Shamanic Soul Retrieval For Trauma Healing. Soul Centre Healing is here to help you if you are suffering from soul loss.










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