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Why you should start Christmas shopping now

You’ve hardly finished unpacking from your summer holiday, you’re walking around in a T-shirt, and you can still sunbathe in the garden, and yet someone’s already telling you to think about Christmas! It feels way too early to be worrying about all that. But that’s the point – if you start now you won’t have to worry at all. So with a little over three months until the big day, why not get some gift buying out the way? Now’s the time to get the stockings filled and the advent calendars bought and stored in a cupboard for when December comes. Here are a few reasons why this beats last-minute shopping hands down…

You’ll save money

Never think that sales are only to be found after Christmas and on Black Friday. Stores have sales year-round, and you’re much more likely to pick up a bargain now than in the run-up to Yuletide when shops put their prices up knowing people are eager to buy presents.

Starting early is also better for cash flow. December can be a very expensive month, as people tend to buy all their presents, as well as food, decorations, festive events and so on, all at once. By spreading out the load, your credit card will get less of a shock at the end of the year, and you’ll be able to budget better and take some of the stress (and the sting) out of the festive build-up.

You can buy the best

Whatever you decide to purchase for your loved ones this year, in all likelihood you’ll be able to get it at this time of year. The closer you get to 25th December, however, the more you’ll encounter that dreaded ‘out of stock’ banner, meaning you’ll have to shop elsewhere for that product or come up with a new plan altogether (with the clock ticking!). This can be particularly annoying when buying clothes, for instance, when you’d like to choose their favourite colour, but have to settle for something else.

At this time of year, if you do happen to see the ‘out of stock’ banner, you have time to do something about it, and can even wait until the item’s back in stock.

It’s stress-free

Let’s face it, there’s enough to worry about at Christmas without the last-minute panic about what to buy. It’s a terrible feeling, knowing you’ve got minimal time to choose and you still haven’t got a clue what your loved one might want. If you at least start to think about it now, you’ll have come up with a great idea by the time you get shopping. Purchasing early also means you’re not entering crowded shops and queuing up for what seems like days on end.

If you’re not a fan of the mad Christmas rush, the stress of not being able to find the right thing, and the massive hole in your purse by New Year, then Christmas shopping in advance is an absolute no-brainer.