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6 Small Business ideas for Pregnant Women in 2020



6 Small Business ideas for Pregnant Women in 2020

After some gruesome nine months, you finally hold your bundle of joy in your arms. This is the most fulfilling endeavour for any woman. In this current fast-paced world, however, life has to go on and sooner or later you will realize that you got to get involved in some money-making venture, whether to keep yourself busy or to put food on the table. For you to be on the safe side, you will be better off starting a business even before delivery.

The last few months of your pregnancy will mean that you will not be involved in outdoor activities. As such, you need to come up with a creative business that will not involve too much hassle, travel or frequent movement. If you are in this category, then the following are the top 6 business ideas that a pregnant woman or one on maternity leave can get involved in as we enter 2020.

1.      Travel agent business

Starting a travel agent business has never been simpler, especially in the current digital world. All you will need to have is a computer and access to the internet. With a travel agency, you can help clients make hotel reservations, book air tickets and even help organize airport pick-ups and cab services. You can easily do these at the comfort of your home, easy peasy.

2.      Being a freelancer

As the need for more remote workers increases in 2020, choosing a niche in the freelance world can be rewarding for a pregnant woman. Take your time to determine your strong field and what you love most. For instance, if you love design, you could sign up as a freelance web designer and seek clients online. You will be surprised at how many people will be looking for these services online. The other common but richly rewarding freelance job is working as a freelance writer. With thousands of websites cropping up by the day, demand for written content is on its all-time high. Your pregnancy won’t limit you from getting on that laptop and pitching for writing jobs from both individuals and agencies.

3.      Start a home daycare

With a large majority of parents falling in the working class today, the demand for caregivers to children is set to grow even more in 2020. You can easily start a daycare business or a crèche at home. This won’t take much of your energy or space. Sacrifice one of your spare rooms and turn it into a special room for the children. All you have to do is seek for some small business financing options and buy some basic essentials like playthings and other necessary supplies. In case the care of children becomes a little stressful, you can consider hiring someone to help you out with other tasks like cleaning. If you love children, then this is no doubt a business you can go for in 2020.

4.      Vending machine

The best thing about a vending machine is that it does not only require minimal supervision but doesn’t involve too much strain. With a vending machine, you can sell virtually anything at the comfort of your home environment. All you have to do is to buy a new machine or even look for a second hand one in good condition. Scout for a good location with enough traffic near your home and you are good to go. The only time you may need to travel a little further is going to restock once in a while.

5.      Start an online store

As we enter 2020, more and more businesses are getting online. This has been driven by the upsurge in customers resorting to making purchases online instead of the physical stores. Whether you are pregnant or already delivered and still on maternity leave, starting an online store can be richly rewarding.  Choose a niche based on what your target audience may need more. In fact, you can even opt for drop shipping to avoid the stress involved in the purchase, delivery and inventory.

6.      Home-based coaching or tutoring

If you have skills in a certain area, then this is your best time to make money out of the same.  Whether it is about fitness, health, business, cooking or general motivational coaching, this is the time to go for it. All you have to do is advertise your services and within no time, you will get prospective students. You can also apply the same for remedial tutoring on specific subjects. The best thing about this is that you can even do them online through chats, emails, and video lectures.

Gone are the days when being pregnant meant idling around waiting for delivery. As we enter 2020, strive to make an impact even on those days that you may otherwise have been most idle. With these business ideas, you can still make money in your pregnancy just as you would on your conventional job.

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