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Advice From Successful Female Entrepreneurs



Advice From Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Nikki Starr Noce, M.D. is an entrepreneur, healer and life coach. A former FOX reality starlet, she appeared on Utopia, a social experiment about creating a new society. She is also co-Founder of Ravela, a speaker and blogger/writer featured in Elephant Journal, Awaken and peer-reviewed medical journals. For daily inspiration follow her @drnikkistarr on IG.

Being an entrepreneur sounds glamorous, but it’s hard work. As a Medical Doctor turned Yoga/Meditation Instructor, Love Doctor, Healer and Life Coach, Co-Founder of Ravela organic clothing company, Co-Creator of Art of Ritual, Speaker, Writer/Blogger and having appeared on FOX’s reality show Utopia about creating a new society, I understand the busy, multi-passionate life as an entrepreneur. It takes a great deal of discipline and strength to create something from nothing–and to be successful at it. It’s like constantly giving birth–full of growing pains, battles and triumphs–but it’s oh so worth it! Together, with some of my female friends in the biz, we share our top advice to encourage you on your journey to success!

Establish your vision and mission early. And stick to it!

We entrepreneurs have many interests and lots of passion to fuel our missions. We naturally attract golden opportunities into our lives and are constantly brimming with great ideas, but beware not to let your vivid imagination and enticing invitations lead you astray. Oftentimes we need to ignore tempting offers, put our heads down, get our hands dirty and consistently direct our actions in order to create that successful company.

“My best advice is to establish your vision and mission early. When you are growing your business, you may find that you are being pulled in a million different directions, but if you have a clear mission, it will make it easier to prioritize and say no to tempting opportunities that may deviate you from your plan. Stay focused, but also be open-minded and willing to learn from others.”

Courtney Spritzer, CoFounder of SocialFly, NYC’s Top Social Media Marketing Company

“Find your mission. We decided early on that our mission was to help as many people feel the power of food as medicine through our plant-based meal delivery program and it’s been that mission that keeps us going when times get tough (because they do!). People often confuse passion and mission, but the mission is something you can’t give up on because it’s bigger than you.”

-Whitney Tingle, Co-Founder of Sakara

Don’t be afraid to fail.

A big part of being an entrepreneur is taking risks. We’re visionaries and innovators. We’re creating stuff that’s never existed before. Perhaps even redefining what once was. Failing and mistakes are inevitable, but it’s important we see them as teachers, lessons and that which makes us stronger and wiser in realizing our dreams.

“Think about what the best use of your life is and then stick to it even if it punches you in the face every day. If it was easy everyone would do it. Fall seven times and get up eight. Most games are about resilience and relentless vision.”

–Renata Black, Co-Founder of EBY Underwear with Sofia Vergara

Be present. Focus while Multitasking.

Maintaining a balanced life can be a constant struggle. We have many talents, abilities, interests, and dreams. We want to be entrepreneurs who change the world, a great mom, a loving partner, a dedicated yogi, etc. And we can be it all and have it all! The key is to be present and focused in every moment. The quality of our attention allows us to be the best at whatever we need to do and whomever we need to be in every moment. This allows us to succeed in all of our endeavors.

“Be present. Focus on being the person you need to be at the moment. The world is better off with all of your attention for a fraction of the time, rather than a fraction of your attention all of the time. ‘Doing it all’ allows you to work on multiple goals and live multiple lives. I can only tell you to be the sharpest tack in the room and the silliest goose on the playground. Relish the opportunity to realize multiple visions–both professional and personal–that fulfill you in different ways.”

–Yana Zaidiner, Co-Founder and COO of Token

Trust Yourself

On the journey to creating success, trust yourself. Don’t bother asking others their opinion when you already know the answer. Definitely, don’t ask people who are NOT your target market their advice because it may even be destructive to your brand. Some people may try to tell you why your idea won’t work–don’t listen to them. If you’re not feeling something–say no. If it feels right, but seems crazy–say yes! Trust your instincts, because if you’re creating something that’s never been done, it’s up to you to pioneer the way.

“Always, no matter who else and what else is making noise in your way, trust your instinct. And know your power, don’t waste energy on fear, get clear about what you don’t do and don’t know and ask for help so you can always be expanding, learning and thriving.”

Jody Levy, Founder + CEO WTRMLN WTR

Admit When You Need Help

Most of us entrepreneurs are good at lots of things. We take initiative and know-how to make things happen. Sometimes we’re so good we end up wanting to do everything ourselves so that it’s done exactly as we like.

Be careful about being too controlling as you build a company because you will need help in order to expand. When you’re overwhelmed or have no clue how to secure a patent or add a widget to your website–ask for help! Save yourself the headache and stress whenever possible and hire people to save yourself time. Your time is precious! In the beginning, you may need to be a woman of all traits, but as your business grows to hire people to do the work you don’t need to do.

Take care of yourself!

Then, of course, there is the obvious advice–take care of yourself! Work out, eat clean, meditate, manage your conflicts head on, and get massages regularly. Taking time for self-care actually gives you energy and time. You’ll be even more on point and ready for anything. Taking time to retreat is key too. Some of my greatest work and ideas are inspired when I’m traveling or in Nature. The calmer, more centered and radiant you are, the more people will want to work with you.

Most of all, take consistent action in the direction of your dreams and mission despite fears and doubts. The world needs your unique genius and creations. Believe in yourself. You can do it!

Remi Alli, JD, MS has worked for publications such as Forbes and Investopedia, and in her work with Brāv, the premier online platform to manage conflicts (, has been featured in such journals including U.S. News and World Report, MONEY, TIME, The Huffington Post and Yahoo! She is a double award winning techie and a three-time award-winning writer, with her most recent: a national legal award.

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