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An Inspiration: Fitness Champion Ryall Graber Prepares Herself for the 2019 Fitness Olympia



Ryall Graber

Ryall Graber is a 9x IFBB fitness champion, and owner of a Nutrition and Fitness Consultancy company known as Ryfit International. This 5’4’’ 125-pound woman of steel has competed in 44 pro shows leaving an impressive record in each. In 2013, Graber won the Arnold Classic Fitness Championship that took place in Brazil. She is an ambassador to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pro-body-building events, a celebrated author, certified nutritionist, and fitness instructor.

Graber founded Ryfit International Inc back in 2010. Through this online consultancy firm, she has been able to transform the lives of 1000 people in the past decade. She also owns a beach retreat known as Ryall Fitness Gateway where she offers her clients the ultimate fitness experience. This year alone, Graber was awarded the Ms.Fitness International title. This fitness entrepreneur enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with her clients so that they can achieve their health goals. She recently scooped a win in the Rising Phoenix Wings of Strength Championship that took place on September 7th, this year. Graber’s focus is now on her 45th IFBB Pro Competition the 2019 Fitness Olympia that is scheduled to take place on September 13th. Fitness Olympia is known as the “Superbowl of body-building around the world.” “This competition means everything to me,” says Graber. “I have won the Fitness Olympia three times. This time again, my eye is on the gold,” she says.

An inspiration to many, Graber has a reputation of getting up even in the face of adversity. Months after her divorce, she found the inner strength to get up, sign contracts and scoop wins in several competitions such as the 2013 Arnold Classic South American Fitness Championship.

Graber has taken tremendous steps to prepare herself for Fitness Olympia. “I have spent the last six months after my Arnold win preparing specifically for this competition. To me, though, I have been preparing for Olympia all my life,” said Graber. The fitness Veteran has been hyper-focussed. She dedicates four hours a day to prepare. “Everyday includes six carefully planned out meals that I have designed based on what my body needs. Two workouts most days include routine training, cardio posing practices, and weight lifting. As well as my massage, stretching, and physiotherapy,” she says. Graber has also had to restructure her business to make time for preparation for the Fitness Olympia.

“I have this sense of calmness and confidence with my final preparations-and that feels right. I know it’s the end of my journey as a fitness athlete, and I feel so content and fulfilled as I embark on my final quest for gold. I’m incredibly thankful to have come to this place on my journey as it wasn’t always like this. There were always hundreds of unknowns when I first started competing; which was stressful. There is always stress, but I have learned to manage it better.”

Graber is living her dream. The fitness entrepreneur was born in Alberta, Canada. Although she always had a passion for sports, she pursued a degree in dental hygiene. She moved to the tropical island of Bermuda, where she took part in her first fitness competition. Since then, she has never looked back. Graber has appeared in numerous magazines, including Muscle Insider, RetroFit Magazine, and RXMuscle. She was always an athlete since she was a child. It was in 2007, at the age of 27 years, that she decided to compete in her first fitness competition. Graber has also scooped the top ten positions in all her 12 appearances on stage. In 2013 alone, she won the IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow. She came in 2nd at the IFBB FIBO Power Germany and 6th at the IFBB Arnold Classic Championship.

“I have learned a lot in my journey to Olympia’s vlogs. I hope to inspire, motivate, and help other women achieve their greatest goals. I want this to be my legacy. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

Graber’s advice on other women competing in the competition is, “If you have a dream chase it with everything inside of you. It would be best if you believe in yourself. It all starts within you, and you are capable of anything you set your mind to achieving.” Ryall will be attending the Mr. Olympia Weekend scheduled on September 13th, 2019. During the event, she will be competing for the Ms. Fitness Olympia title. The event will be held in Las Vegas.