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Angela Eliacostas – Proving the Certified Diverse Spend is Worth Every Penny



Angela Eliacostas - Proving the Certified Diverse Spend is Worth Every Penny

The Certified Diverse Spend – AGT Global Logistics breaking the WMBE misperceptions one account at a time.

Glen Ellyn, IL – The rise, legitimacy, and acceptance of Women and Minority Business Enterprises have been in the works for more than 65 years. With the aid of Government set-asides in the ‘60s to formalizing the Office of Minority Business during the Nixon administration. The perceptions and viability of using WMBEs continue facing misconceptions, misperceptions, and biases – especially in industries still dominated by white men.

“Just because you’re a WMBE doesn’t mean you’ll keep accounts. Even if your status opens a few doors you sometimes have to prove yourself tenfold to keep those contracts.” Angela Eliacostas, Founder, and CEO of AGT Global Logistics said determinedly.

Women and minority-owned entrepreneurship continue overcoming the obstacles the government initiatives of the ‘60s and ‘70s set to alleviate. This includes receiving equitable loans and consideration for contract work; these programs often stigmatized these enterprises with the notion they were only chosen for tax incentives not because they may, indeed, be the best choice.

Eliacostas understands not only the challenges and misperceptions of being a WMBE, she also capitalizes on the ever-growing opportunities associated with the classification.

She stated, “I know AGT Global Logistics provides unbeatable services. We are a proven leader in the energy and utilities 3PL sector. The fact that I’m a WMBE is now an added benefit for our business partners, this is on top of our promise to keep our clients’ worlds turning – no matter what.”

Eliacostas’ story started well before her WMBE certification was earned. She worked her way from the ground up. Angela’s father ran a trucking company. He was on the road most of the week. To spend time with him she got involved at age 12 by fueling, parking and washing his trucks. She was keen enough to pick up nuances about the industry along the way. She helped with the business management too. Eliacostas has gone from being a billing clerk to now one of the premier transport contract negotiators in North America.

AGT Global Logistics incorporated in 2005. It applied for the WMBE standing and it took three years before the company was awarded the status of a certified WMBE.

Eliacostas recollected, “Even though we were a stand-alone, and in good standing, we had to provide P&Ls and wait. I earned business without the WMBE status and continue doing so today.”

AGT Global Logistics has proven itself so much in the energy and utility sectors that the business is often referred by their Tier 1 partners to energy and utility suppliers for their certified diverse spends. This often makes AGT Global Logistics both a Tier 1 and Tier 2 certified diverse supplier to the initial parent company contracts.

“This puts the microscope on our services.  We are coordinating the move from the primary customer’s vendors to that primary customer. We are responsible for every step of the process. This is a challenge we welcome because we know we can do it and exceed delivery expectations.”

“Our completion record and zero reportable offenses speak for themselves. I’m very proud of our services, partners, and outcomes.” Said Eliacostas. “I’m proud to be a certified WMBE that exceeds expectations and continues to adapt and grow.”

AGT Global Logistics is just one certified WMBE that demonstrates how the government initiatives from the 60s might assist women and minority enterprises in getting their names in bids for new business opportunities. AGT Global Logistics also proves that the WMBE certification is not the reason Eliacostas’ business continues to grow. Most of her clients are gained through word-of-mouth and referral. Companies like AGT show that hiring women and minority-owned businesses are good for business because sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.

Rachael Jurek is a lecturer in the Journalism, Advertising, and Media Relations Department at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. She is also the Media Relations Director at Moon Landing Agencyin Milwaukee Wisconsin. Most importantly she's a hockey mom.

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