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Bringing Positive Social Change Through Art: Dame Munni Irone



Humanitarian, Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer, Philanthropist and Founder of ART 4 PEACE Awards ( – Dame Munni Irone created the infrastructure to guide people to live an extraordinary life. She hopes to someday be able to build a 5-Star, self-sustainable shelter for men, women, children and animals.

Dame Munni Irone sends a life-line to those needing change. In her quest to help others to help themselves, she chooses to lead by example. Philanthropy makes her the visionary who created the 501c3 to bring social change through the arts and to show others how to share their gifts. Dame Munni Irone is changing lives, changing minds and healing through art. ART 4 PEACE is the powerful seed of global change. She believes that global change can only take place if we take action today, making a change for tomorrow. Her goals are a rainbow for humanity.

Tell us more about Art 4 Peace Awards and why this has become your passion project.

My passion is to promote and unite for peace artists from around the globe through Art 4 Peace Awards ( This historic global peace movement is a platform to acknowledge ART as the catalyst for PEACE and for positive social change at a global level.

We have 2 events coming up this year, one on October 28, 2018 that’s a joint venture with World Film Festival/Art 4 Peace Awards at the prestigious Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, and the other in Bollywood sometime at the end of November 2018.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is to see others happy. To have jobs for sustainability, wisdom and to be healthy.

What projects are you currently working on right now?

Currently, I have been working on a couple projects…

I am hoping to get green energy into so many countries where they’re short of electricity.

I also have new technology that can grow more crops to create better food supply.

I’m working with Baba Ramdev to promote Ayurveda in the US and other countries.

I hope to build a Hindu Temple, and build a Statue of Responsibility as a focal point at Ogun State in Nigeria where Queen Shiva is buried. There’s a Christian church and a Muslim Mosque there already. We hope to do infrastructure for them as well. I am working with four monarchs for this project. I am organizing their meeting with the Prime Minister of India to get this done. This creates pilgrimage, tourism and jobs.

I also am working on my Wisdomland project. (

What is the one thing you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

The one thing I truly want to accomplish in my lifetime is to be able to build a five-star self-sustainable shelter for men, women, children and animals. My hope is that people would continue to support my cause so that together we can create a ripple of good in this world. I invite you to come to our Art 4 Peace Awards/World Film Festival event on October 28th at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills.

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