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Catching Up with Pop Sensation, Rutherine




Caught up with Las Vegas-based, Pop Sensation, Rutherine. We chatted about her very humble beginnings in her hometown of Makati, Philippines, where she began singing at the tender age of four in the local church concert choir. She talks about growing up singing in church that would define her motivation to uplift others through her music and take her to Libya, Italy and eventually New York, where she joined the Broadway Dance Center to explore her passion for dance, acting, and performance.

Rutherine also invests her time giving back to the youth of Las Vegas teaching dance choreography. As of recent, she has also started booking larger venues, conferences, and festivals.

Rutherine currently runs her own label, Rutherine Entertainment, writing her own music and co-producing her own videos. Her latest single, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH can be found on iTunes, Spotify, her YouTube channel and all major music distribution outlets.


Give us a quick background on how you got started in performing.

I started performing as young as 4 years old. I grew up serving God in the church, and remember volunteering to render a song or a dance routine when they were requesting performances on special occasions. I remember walking a mile to church to practice with my brothers who were 5 and 8 years old then. It was not until recently that I started pursuing singing professionally.

Describe the feeling the first time you walked on stage as a professional singer.

I treat my performances as if they’re my first and last. So, whether it’s the first time or the 100th time, it’s always nerve-racking getting up on stage. I think it’s natural to feel a bit nervous though. But, once I’m up there, I’m in my total element.

As a singer, how would you describe your sound? Your vibe?

When it comes to my sound and vibe, I feel I’m soulful with a very pop vibe. My music has a real good rhythm with a catchy, upbeat melody that you’d want to dance to. It’s a crossover between Electric-Pop, EDM-Pop, Retro-Pop, and Dance-Pop. I write songs from my own life experiences inspired to encouraging today’s generation to love and forgive, to dream BIG, to never give up, and to enjoy life to the fullest!


Who do you consider to be your musical heroes? What do you wish to emulate from them?

I would have to say, Sandi Patti, I love how she’s able to hit such high notes. Whitney Houston, her style, and vocal range were impeccable. And, Britney Spears. Her dance moves and cool style is liberating.

What exciting stuff are you currently working on right now? 

I currently have a PR & Digital Radio Campaign in full swing. Be on the lookout to hear my music on the radio. Follow me on my different social media outlets for updates on publication features, radio and TV interviews.

Also looking to collaborating with some amazing artists on new music projects. So, stay tuned!

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Rachel Dares is a Former Newscaster | Columnist | Radio Host | President of Rachel Dares PR