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Celebrity Makeup Artist, Chelsea Guarriello, Found a Way to Never Have to Revolve Around Anyone Else’s Time Ever Again!



Chelsea Guarriello

How did Chelsea get where she is at today?

Growing up Chelsea dreamed about having the luxury lifestyle, a loving family and having total control of her time. But of course, with no blueprint for success, bills coming in and reality hitting… she resorted to what many of us have had to do…get a job!. She worked corporate America jobs, basically, you name it and she has tried it from banking to mortgage loans and so on. 

When she got tired of working for a big corporation she decided to see where her passion for makeup will take her. This new venture of pursing a makeup artist career escalated pretty quick for her actually. In no time she became a celebrity makeup artist and that is when the true entrepreneurial mindset really amplified. It was her first taste of being her own boss, working when she wants and doing as she pleases. 

Chelsea also quickly learned that she had to become very self-disciplined because of these reasons. Since she didn’t have anyone telling her what to do and when to do it, this helped her learn how to really be self-motivated. Luckily, she was making good money as a makeup artist since she transitioned into having only celebrity clients. But in due time, she felt like the money and the high celeb status clientele still wasn’t good enough for her. She realized she was still trading in time for money. Since her clients were all VIP status, she actually wasn’t even really able to “make her own schedule” anymore because it really came down to when they wanted her on set. Even the idea of going on a tour wasn’t even pleasing, maybe to the younger makeup artist but not for Chelsea. Going on a tour with a celebrity was almost worse than working a 9-5. As a makeup artist going on a tour means leaving your friends and family and working AROUND THE CLOCK for someone else. Chelsea reminded herself she got into the entrepreneur game because she didn’t want to be told what to do and when, plus time freedom, she wanted to truly become her own boss!  


What really made Chelsea pursue her dreams?

The day her good friend Brandon was released from prison, little did she know he would be the one that would help her change her life forever. Before going to prison he had already seen her go through the ups and downs of the corporate America jobs and live her life unfulfilled. To get released and still seeing her not happy with her life really killed him inside. Due to the time he spent in prison, it was extremely hard for him to get a job. This was a major test for their relationship but knowing that Chelsea fell in love with him, he was motivated to help her pursue whatever had to be done so they can live the life they dreamed of. They knew relying only on her makeup career wouldn’t give them the opportunity to have more time on their hands, no way of scaling this business and no way to live the life they wanted. 

Brandon was finally able to resort to driving for Uber to bring in whatever income he could to help her in any way he can to start a business. It was at this point that Chelsea started researching how to make money from home and came across a book that discussed many different options. The very last option they mentioned was drop shipping, she was enticed by this business model since they were a very minimal start-up cost. 

After six months of researching, failing and money down the drain… they were still able to save up for a mentor right before calling it quits. Yes, there were times Brandon was skeptical about the drop-shipping business model, but he loved her so much he was willing to support her in any way he was able to. So not only did Brandon help her pay for this mentor but also used his income to help pay for her ad campaigns for the launch of her new Shopify store. 

They quickly were reassured that all the blood, sweat and tears were worth it. In their first month after fully launching Chelsea’s dropshipping store, she was able to bring in $20k which lead up to breaking $100k her first couple months after launching her store. Now a little over two later she has made over half a million dollars through Shopify!


What does Chelsea have planned next?

Since she is a new mother, buying her dream home is definitely next on the to-do list as well. She also wants to learn more about handling money, scaling and making the proper investments so she is able to have continuous cash flow years to come. Chelsea is also on a mission to help other moms make money online so they can also have the same luxury of always being able to spend time with their kids at home or traveling. 


Top 10 Tips Chelsea wants new entrepreneurs to know:


  • Begin with a detailed plan
  • Surround yourself with the right people.
  • Build a meaningful network. 
  • Stay ahead of the curve.
  • Don’t get comfortable.
  • Find a healthy work-life balance.
  • DON’T accept failure. 
  • DON’T get comfortable. 
  • Be wise when choosing friends. 
  • Know your customers in all possible ways



You can reach Chelsea Guarriello at @hunigold or by email at

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine