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Chiara Magni: Bringing Contemporary Impressionism through Thought-Provoking Finger Paintings



Art is the visual expression of one’s soul. As one of the age-old forms of art, many creatives are inspired by artistic movements that came and go. From impressionism, humanism, radicalism, and all the possible “isms” we could think of — perhaps, the one thing that makes art complex and relatable at the same time is its beauty and impact on one’s emotions. Blossoming Italian painter Chiara Magni is the next professional, full-time painter to watch out for. Through her paintings, she shares her talent, advocacy, and portraits for the world to appreciate. 

Chiara Magni chose finger painting as her creative style. She fondly described that finger painting is always a primordial experience, almost impossible to replicate with any other technique. She is known for her use of colors that are very strong and vivid, almost an optical illusion to the naked eye. Chiara creates pieces that are full of textured oil — the paint is 3D and very thick. Her paintings are her dedication to female beauty, as seen through her many depictions of women, weather, nudes, portrait, or underwater sceneries. 

What makes her work unique and appealing to a broader audience is that it invokes emotions that take you to another dimension. Her artwork is a gate to the place of daydream, where drifting to another world is inevitable and enjoyable. Chiara’s pieces of work also make her audience feel better. Many people tell Chiara that they use her art as their therapy. They look at the photos of her painting when they are feeling sad, and they will feel instantly better, happier, energized, and filled with more hope. Different people from all walks of life attest to this; some of them include widows and cancer survivors. These comments mean everything to her as she focused on the positive emotions that her art evokes.

Born in 1988, Chiara Magni lives near the beautiful Garda Lake in the northern part of Italy. This picturesque view is the best source of inspiration for her art. Between 2014 to 2015, Chiara began painting as a professional job. But this was not an instant choice as she would describe her artistic drive as a bit of a controversial relationship. As a little kid, she already knew that this is her path. But she was scared to pursue her dream. 

She began studying in an art school but eventually decided not to finish it. She admitted that schooling made her feel uncomfortable as if her talent was dying out. She even got to the point that she tried for many years to convince herself that painting was not her destiny. But, this passion never left her. Eventually, she gave up discouraging herself and chose to pursue painting as her career. Chiara Magni now has collectors all over the world. She has sold over 200 paintings and reached art lovers all over the USA, Europe, Uk, New Zealand, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and more. 

Chiara Magni wants to be an example for all of the emerging artists out there. She sees herself as a guide and a model for everyone that has a dream, and it is scared to pursue it. Let her life story inspire as it reaches many more collectors. Hopefully, they feel happy and joyful looking at my art.

Like everything else, finger painting was not easy at first, but as she tried more, the easier it got. Chiara finds finger painting as very relaxing and very therapeutic. It is a whole new way to approach art and creativity. Touching the picture with the fingers is something special, and feeling the canvas changing under your fingers is something worth to be tried. Part of her goal to inspire the young is to promote finger painting as an artistic approach through workshops made available on her website

See more of Chiara Magni’s hand-painted works on her website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

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