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Claudia La Bianca is Empowering Women Through Art



Claudia La Bianca is Empowering Women Through Art

Although there seem to be more women than ever dominating in their field, women are still less likely than men to be associated with leadership. Picture the logical, competitive, and often emotionally-restrictive masculine stereotypes of those who hold office, run multi-million dollar companies, and head their respective industries. There seems to be a clear rule; there’s very little room for creativity, passion, and artistry in our expectations for social influence. But who’s to say that rules aren’t meant to be broken?


Miami-based artist Claudia La Bianca might be an exception to the rule altogether. With her sculptures and sketches featured across the globe, La Bianca is just one of the many females who are changing the world and serving as an icon for the modern female artist. A self-proclaimed feminist, she encourages women to lift one another up and emphasizes the importance of expressing one’s individuality. 


As of now, you might spot her massive murals around the Wynwood Walls and Art District of Miami, the center of modern street-art culture. Time after time, her colorful portraits depict women in empowering positions, highlighting their versatility and encouraging self-love: “I believe men do a good job in their brotherhood, and we should do the same in our sisterhood” she insists. And evidently, La Bianca practices what she preaches. In a recent collaboration with handwritten artist Renda Writer, a woman holds up her paint-stained fingers, with the background behind her reading “She’s so confident.” In each piece she creates, she hopes to convey that “women around the globe [are] incredible creatures; [the cradle of creative energy].” Nevertheless, La Bianca’s focus on female empowerment isn’t restricted to the streets of Wynwood. 


In her most recent project, La Bianca is turning to the issue most pervasive in current society: the outbreak of COVID-19. Letting her creative side do the talking, she is painting larger than life murals of what she calls the “real heroes” of the Coronavirus pandemic – an empowering tribute to women in healthcare around the globe. In scrubs, masks, and superhero-esque capes, the women she brings to life represent her appreciation of the work of the doctors, nurses, and other health professionals putting their lives on the line for the sake of others.  


A true force to be reckoned with, her street-art installations, both new and old, have spanned from her home country of Italy to America, making urban areas her playground. With pieces selling for over $4,000 each, her artistry impacts the cities of Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles. Such a reach has her name known by locals and tourists alike, crossing platforms like Instagram and Facebook and garnering a massive following. La Bianca credits her virtual success down to one trait; nothing can stop her creative flow: “Beast Mode is what I activate when I attack a wall — full force — just like a beast, madly passionate and aggressive. When creating, you’ve got to be in that mode.” However, La Bianca notes that she doesn’t limit herself when it comes to creative mediums. 


In her spare time, you might find La Bianca at the piano, composing an original score. She’s no stranger to this kind of work. For one of her feature films, La Bianca composed an entirely original score, upon which she is accredited as not only writer, but also editor, director, and producer. (Talk about a quadruple-threat.) Her work on Island (2018), The Journey of a Dragonfly (2014), and Un cuore dentro al mare (2008) speak for themselves. 


Exposing the public to highly successful female role models like La Bianca might just be the key to breaking the stereotype of social influence once and for all. Who runs the world again?


Alex McCurry is an Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, and Social Media Expert. McCurry is known for founding several successful companies and has helped develop the brands of industry leaders across a variety of fields. Alex has worked with Fortune 500 Executives, major companies, celebrities, influencers, startups, and more.