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Danielle Mills Shares Her Expertise On How You Can transform your Career with HEADSTRONG



Danielle Mills

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to land a job but felt like you did not qualify for it? Have you ever felt like you are stuck in where you currently are and don’t know how to move on? Sometimes, what people do not realize is that all they need is getting a boost from the right people and having the right mindset to push themselves to become better. That is the goal Danielle Mills had in mind when she established Headstrong LLC

Danielle Mills is a firm believer that properly branding yourself can help you get your ideal career. Employers look not only for what you have achieved but also how you make yourself stand out among others. Everything stems from having the right mindset—having the “can and will” attitude is essential to achieve your goals. 

Before becoming the CEO and Founder of a mindset coaching company, Headstrong LLC, Danielle played for the USA as a professional tennis player. Equipped with the methods and teachings tied to having a champion mindset, Danielle had a passion for serving a bigger purpose. She wanted to use Headstrong LLC as a platform to motivate and inspire other people to take action in their lives. Having a dream is one thing, and doing something about it is another—that is the mindset Danielle brings with her.

Building a career comes with building your reputation, and a lot of people still do not realize the power LinkedIn has when it comes to career building. LinkedIn has become the new resume, which speaks a lot about a person. Danielle was able to use this knowledge to her advantage and utilized the platform properly to jump-start her career. She used LinkedIn posts as a means to build her brand. The use of LinkedIn alone helped Danielle land a job in two Silicon Valley tech companies. 

Headstrong LLC caters to people who face the problem of getting hired, especially in this time of a global pandemic, where a lot of people have been laid off their jobs or forced to have a career change. Danielle’s expertise in LinkedIn and other insightful career tools help other people brand themselves and stand out among other candidates. She shares this recipe to success to other people through her book entitled How to Master LinkedIn and Separate Yourself from the Masses. Danielle also launched various coaching and mentoring programs such as Champion Mind Transformational Masterclass and Champion Mindset Mentoring Deep Dive Program. Fueled with the passion for impacting others, Danielle offers her skills and expertise to help people get recruited and achieve greater heights.  

Aside from working out four times a week and playing tennis on weekends, Danielle also spends her time hosting her podcast, The Headstrong Podcast. Through this, her goal is to motivate, inspire, and give a head start to people who are feeling stuck or stagnant so they can reach their full potential.

Danielle believes that having the right mindset can help you achieve whatever you want in life. Your greatest enemy is yourself. If you have the will to change your situation, you should be proactive in looking for ways to become the best version of yourself. 

If you want to know more about HEADSTRONG’S services, you may visit their website.

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