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Fashion Model and Influencer Kamilla Rodrigues Almeida servicing on the lines of humanity in the wake of COVID-19



Kamilla Rodrigues Almeida

The reaction to COVID-19 pandemic and it’s the effect on society and economics around the world cannot be understated. In these times of crisis, where the entire orb is shaken to the core, the audacious and inquisitive fashion Oracle and digital influencer- Kamilla Rodrigues Almeida-has really taken some unprecedented and incredible measures on her part causing the people to have a new perspective in these onerous times.

Kamilla Rodrigues Almeida

With the level of fear rocketing each day, with thousands struggling and living in the fright of the pandemic, with the death toll rising each hour, in this world crisis, Kamilla has manifested the true qualities of an influencer and is depicting every measure possible on her part.

“How you respond to these situations, is the true mark of your humanity. Your actions yield the person who you are” – these are the words of the 27-year-old digital influencer endeavoring to make a change.

Knowing well, the horror this pandemic has yielded and how the conventional life has turned upside down for the entire world, Kamilla has embraced hope and is diligently working to aid others too. Taking every step carefully, she led us to her work and rejoindered the questions concerning the COVID-19.


• Follow the fundamental precautionary measures

On being asked that as an individual, and a responsible citizen, apart from being a successful influencer and fashion Star, what measures has she taken, particularly, she replied:

“Personally, first of all, I hope all the time, that as an individual, everyone is taking the much-required steps to be shielded against the virus. Speaking particularly about myself, I am fixated on auxiliary cleanliness, and I keep alerted track of my surrounding environment. Following the fundamentals, I am inclined towards sanitizing myself, and my neighborhood, in particular. Keeping myself engulfed in masks and gloves, I also prefer social distancing. Even with my family members, I practice a 1-meter safe distance”

She also emphasized a full-fledged lockdown, supporting the general notion. She mentioned-” Isolating oneself, is for safeguarding and preventing any further harm to yourself or anyone else. In cases of travel, a self-quarantine should be done. Being a model who has to travel to multifarious countries, the struggle involved in quarantine is totally understandable and relatable”


Kamilla Rodrigues Almeida

• Comprehend the gravity of the pandemic and exercise individual caution

We heard about her efforts of spreading cognizance and awareness, we asked about the measures she has executed, and what are her expectations from her followers at this stage, to which Kamilla responded –

” I can totally comprehend the gravity of the situation and the concerns involved, worldwide. With the terror transcending each hour, I try to do all possible within my limits. Firstly, I analyzed how, not only as an influencer but as a person, I can contribute to the world. I realized that with my well strengthened and connected network if I am able to aware of a single soul, that will be a noble step. On Instagram, I have a ginormous following, and I am rigid on making every single one of them aware. I try to be live on social media and explore the other aspects of this problem with them. I try to update them regarding the measures that they can follow, and also actively listen to their suggestions.


•Keep yourselves as the foremost priority:

Mentioning her other efforts, she stated “In the wake of the situation, it’s time to work for humanity. I have stopped any paid promotions, any reposting, and try to dedicate much time towards spreading the cognizance and knowledge. I continuously update people to have a check of their surroundings, practice self-isolation and keep themselves as their foremost priority, along with the necessary measures. I believe that my followers will also support my notion and will individually contribute to the cause.”


• Advice to everyone out there

The efforts exhibited by Almeida are appreciable. On asking for general advice from the socially responsible and active influencer, she advised:

“If every individual exercises precaution needed, and even tries to spread awareness to one other person, soon we can overcome this terrific phase. If every person through their social media platforms aids the cause of spreading knowledge, soon we can again be a corona-free world.”-she says.

Kamilla Rodrigues Almeida

She also stated that “This is the time for exhibiting humanity, it’s time to learn from other countries as well, if we can appreciate others for their efforts, if we can buy a food packet to those who cannot clinch money in these times, if we can buy one mask for the underprivileged, donate a penny towards the cause, it will be helpful in the greater picture. I believe every effort is appreciated and required”

The effort made by Kamilla and her line of thought exhibits how energized she is to yield changes, and she has righteously depicted, how measures, by her or any other person can make changes. She is a blessing in disguise for many as she tries to aid the underprivileged and the awarding zillion others. We admire her will and courage and hope for her well-being and hope, everyone out there endures these tough times and takes measures to make a change