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Female Music Icons Who Inspire Working Moms



Female Music Icons Who Inspire Working Moms

Working moms are known to have a hard time juggling between work and the typical responsibilities of any mother. It is an excellent motivation for a mother to see one of the music icons that she loves to become a mother and have something to inspire them. Such amazing examples makes them go on even when the going gets rough, and there are times when it is more than just arduous.

Let’s see a few examples:

  •   Laura Whitmore

It is hard not to know who she is because she is everywhere! Mother, singer, songwriter, and she is also a successful businesswoman. Moreover, she is the founder of The Women’s International Music Network. We haven’t mentioned that she started as a journalist and has recently released an album ‘Tangerine Smile’. 

  •   Ciara

Somehow Ciara is not only a mother and an R&B singer, but she is a hands-on mother. She shares photos of her kids and herself as they vacation or tour the world with her husband Russell Wilson, an NFL quarterback playing for the team Seattle Seahawks. You can search here for no fee concerts tickets to attend the shows when Ciara performs live near your town.

  •   Kelly Clarkson

As a recording artist, we also see Kelly as part of the music show – The Voice. She is more than just an inspiration as she raises her two children as well as her husband’s two stepchildren. Somehow, she has also authored two children’s books that are the fruition of her love for her children!

  •   Mariah Carey

Here we see the renowned singer as she brings up twins. Most normal moms find it difficult to manage twins while the professional lady Mariah Carey actually makes it look easy as she brings them along to events or as they sing along with her. She is also an actress!

  •   Beyoncé

Our favorite singer is a great example not just as a working mom, but she has her children tagging along with her. The twins are somehow right behind her or rapping along a verse or two with their father. Well, that is really awesome.

  •   Jennifer López 

With a boy and a girl, and a career that the least we can say is hectic, she manages it all. She still looks drop dead gorgeous, she is not just an inspiration for working moms, but she is to be looked up to in self-care and self-image. The children are also twins, and it is so lovely to see them already following in their parent’s steps.

  •   Olivia Newton-John

To cap it all, here is an example of a mother who not just inspired us as a singer and actress, but she has all the admiration and love as we watch her battle with cancer, and still manages to be there for her daughter Chloe,   they are close despite the fact that Chloe is 33.

It has everything to do with juggling, but somehow, if we love something enough, we will be able to care for it, be it our children or our work. And caring for both just means taking them along with our lives day by day! 

Of course, we look to these celebrities because they are always in our vision due to their fame and as they set examples for us.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.