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Finding and Resolving a Gap in the System is all What Makes a Business Successful: The Story of Part & Parcel



Part & Parcel
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Lauren Haber Jonas always finds it difficult to find dress well-attired up to the situation’s needs. For example, once she was asked to deliver a speech while she in 6th-grade graduation, but she had not been able to find something well suited to her size and situation needs.

During her entire middle and high school, she has always found it difficult to discover fashion that could fit persisted for her. And, it became even more apposite during her graduation in college when she had not been able to find attire for her internship.

And these are few experiences that led her to create a Blog named- The Pear Shape, with more than 1000 posts where she has written her different obstacles with the women’s fashion. In her Blog, Haber Jonas styled and created fashion sense and tweaking for everything including jumpy suits, skinny jeans, or silk dresses and so forth. But except boots, the reason being that she could never find quality and wide-calf boots for her and her readers.

But she never stopped, and that’s why she came up with a campaign on Kickstarter for the launch of her new organization ‘Part & Parcel’- With the vision to design and develop the first-ever wide-calf boot for plus-size women.

The circumference of the wide-calf boot is normally around 16 inch which is 14 or 15 inches on the case of regular women’s boots. And, it is a fact that the majority of women in the USA have boot size equal to even greater than 16 inches. That’s why, according to Haber Jonas, ‘You can never find a boot in which you can fit if you a plus size women.”

You can get some customized boots for your own size, but, no wonder, it will be cost-effective and can give damage up to 600$ for a high-quality product.

While ‘Part & Parcel’ is coming up with wide-calf boots of 4 different sizes- 16, 18, 20, 22 inches, and that will come within 200$. It is a big matter because not only you will be getting boots for your size, you will also get to save money.

Also, ‘Part & Parcel’ is offering a special discounted offer for her Kickstarter backers to make the first purchase at only 99$. It is not just ‘Part & Parcel’ to design big sizes boots, there are several companies, but the important concern is the quality and the lack of options as in design.

According to Haber Jonas, ‘more than 99% of the women’s fashion products companies are able to serve only 30% of the women’.

Haber Jonas and her company co-founder Kate Franco (Senor director of marketing), they together did an interview of more than 300 women to discover their targeted group of audience and their expectations from the company and their products. No wonder the response was utterly positive to Haber Jonas and her entire team.

The senior director of marketing Kate Franco says that she wants the company to be more of a community-driven brand.

Initially, they are launching up with boots of sizes 11inches to 20 inches, and later they will extend the same to 22 inches as required. The primary vision of the company is simple- to serve as many women as possible.

Haber Jonas started crying after seeing and opening the first boots made by her company because she always wanted to zip up bots of her own size since she was nine years old.

According to her, there are many women who don’t get to buy boots because they don’t ever find a size they could fit on, and this is what inspired her to develop ‘Part & Parcel’. And, she is looking forward to serving as many women as possible, and she assures that women will now be able to wear the style they ever wished for in their won size.

Chris is an American journalist, author, contributing editor to BuzzFeed. He was raised in New York, Canada, and Vermont, and attended New York University.

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