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From Urban Chic to Farm Girl: Leaving the City Behind for Greener Pastures



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I remember watching Green Acres as a kid. The show depicts a family that made the decision to leave the New York city life to live on a farm instead. Lisa, the matriarch of the family wasn’t keen on leaving her city ways behind but pulled to follow her husband’s dream, she reluctantly made her home in the countryside.

From the show’s premise the message I heard as a kid was that moving to the country is less glamorous and not as fanciful as living the urban chic lifestyle of shopping, and dining out; but today, there’s an entire subculture of people who aspire to a simpler, more nature-filled existence and make it just as glamourous to live on the land.

Tiffany Hunter, the 38-year-old co-founder of Sunshine Acres, left her city life behind last February and hasn’t looked back.

Her farm journey began when she set out with her husband to purchase a horse for her daughter who had recently taken up horseback riding as a social activity. To store the horse they needed to rent a shelter, but in the back of her mind she knew the best path was eventually to find a home that offered more land, so they wouldn’t be reliant on others for boarding.

Then, came the big push.

Before a major life change, there’s always a moment that makes us rethink our choices and make drastic transitions to get us where we truly want to be.

For Tiffany and her family, it was a drunk driving accident, right on the path, her 10-year-old daughter walked each week to visit her friend. The startling realization that it could have been their own child gave new energy to the idea of relocating.

The decision was easy and soon after they sold their $70,000 boat and traded weekends on the lake for weekends mucking stalls on the farm.

With the sky-high price of Colorado real estate, it was important for the Hunters to find additional ways of supplementing their new land purchase, so they took on the task of raising goats as a way to create a business they could run on the farm.

They now have 26 female and 9 male goats and make an income by breeding goats and selling their milk. Tiffany says she didn’t come from a farming background, so learning to run the farm effectively has been a new skill and a huge transition.

When asked how others can follow in her footsteps to create their dream of farm living Tiffany shared:

“Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them. Raising livestock is not for the faint of heart. Death happens, all kinds of gross things and smells happen, and if you run out of bread the store is not close, but the work is worth the adventure!”

With a beautiful, simplified family life and a passion for the outdoors, Tiffany certainly brings a bit of glamour and excitement to the farm life.

To learn from Tiffany in person you can find her at the upcoming Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience at the National Western Complex in Denver on September 22 and 23, 2018.

Krystal Covington is a communications strategist collaborating with global leaders of companies from startup to Fortune 500. Her team (GO Lead, LLC) specializes in business growth strategy, media relations, community outreach, influencer marketing, internal communications, and content marketing. Krystal's clients have achieved 6-figure revenue growth, and attention from top media outlets. Her impactful work has been showcased in TEDx, Forbes, Lifetime, Fox, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and dozens of other powerful outlets.  She is also the founder of Women of Denver, a membership organization helping women earn their worth through networking and education.