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Haya Elsamman: Social Media’s Superwoman



Haya Elsamman

In the world of digital marketing and social media, there are a plethora of young entrepreneurs trying to make their mark. That said, few have experienced the same level of success as an entrepreneur and social media expert Haya Elsamann. As a young woman in the social media space, Haya has broken into a majority male industry and made her mark as one of the most influential people in the social media world.

Social Media’s Superwoman

Haya began her social media career at a young age. By the age of 14, she had already established herself as one of the premier social media specialists in the game. Fast-forward to today and Haya has built one of the most impressive social media resumes in the world. At the young age of 20, she not only manages a network of over 250 million Instagram followers but also holds the record for the most comments on a single Instagram post (10 million). 


Haya’s expertise and experience have allowed her to onboard numerous celebrity clients and grow social media pages for leading companies and influencers. As an influential figure in the social media marketing space, Haya has amassed a notable following on her personal account as well. With over 20,000 followers on her personal Instagram account (@Haya), she has clearly translated her social media skills into a devoted following. As an influencer herself, Haya has discussed the importance of providing value to her audience. She told us “For me, social media is far less about cultivating a following and much more about establishing a culture unique to you and your brand.”


As the digital sphere continues to change, there is a constant struggle to stay on top of the latest trend. Operating within a dynamic space, it is imperative that social media leaders consistently develop new skills and broaden their professional horizons. For many companies, it is difficult to justify allocating portions of budgeting to alternative marketing resources. However, in the last decade, Instagram has provided phenomenal rates of return for both companies and individuals alike. As an expert in social media marketing, Haya helps companies make the transition necessary to develop a strong online presence while still being able to maintain some of their traditional marketing strategies.


As the world of social media has evolved, Haya has managed to stay on the top as a premier strategist and growth expert. Her consistency and ability to remain at the forefront of her industry is truly indicative of Haya’s extraordinary potential. With an acute ability to hone her craft, it goes without saying that Haya’s illustrious career is just taking off. Despite the unpredictability of her profession, one thing is for certain: Haya Elsamann is here to stay.


Alex McCurry is an Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, and Social Media Expert. McCurry is known for founding several successful companies and has helped develop the brands of industry leaders across a variety of fields. Alex has worked with Fortune 500 Executives, major companies, celebrities, influencers, startups, and more.