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How Lori Ramas works as a Business Efficiency Expert



How Lori Ramas work as a Business Efficiency Expert

Today I get to declare that who I am is a Business Efficiency Expert in the company that I built from scratch. Let me tell you why that’s miraculous.

I’ll just keep this story straight up. It all started out picturesque, a family of four; me, my brother, my mom, my Dad and don’t forget the dog and the cat. But by the time I was 7 everything changed. My Dad was dealing with some things and ended up going to prison for it. My mom hid how poor we were, she spent every penny and sold anything of value so we could keep our house. By the grace of the community and our family members, we had enough support to eat, pay the bills, and continue on with life. But my mom was up early, worked a full-time job as a payroll manager for Pathmark, then worked part-time at a local business to offset the cost of my brother’s martial arts classes, and she was my girl scout co-leader. We got creative and made it work – and she never ever let us miss out on anything. She always said we were the three musketeers and we may not be rich, but we would always be wealthy in love from our family.

Fast forward several years and my brother opened up his own martial arts school at only 18 years old! After studying with him and working together on his business, I opened my own digital marketing agency. We were both innately called to make a difference for people in a meaningful way.

Training in Martial arts for most of our lives plus learning how to live intentionally and frugally when it was just me, my mom, and my brother really made us become people who are experts at solution-finding and building structures for business efficiency. That’s what I train my clients in now, how to optimize the assets they already have in their business so they can save time and money and get closer to their goals. Watching them start out wandering and worried about how to use the technology they need to earn new clients and make sales and walk out of our sessions as confident and abundant CEO’s of their business is what I live for.

Now I get to work out of my own home and be a true partner with my husband financially and otherwise. The victory is that what happened didn’t become a narrative that owned me. I own the story and get to demonstrate that no matter what happens, you can create the life of your dreams!

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine