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How to build a booty with Heidy Espaillat



Heidy Espaillat

A personal trainer who dedicates her life to giving women thick bottoms has revealed how people can plump their posterior fast. Heidy Espaillat, 31, from New York, works full-time as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist – specialising in how to build your behind – and has even shared a home workout video using her eight-month-old puppy, Chester, as a weight. The aim is to help people find innovative ways to get fit – and work on their butts – in lockdown.

She’s always been a big booty lover, to her it looks so good when a woman wears certain clothes like a tight dress, jeans, leggings and you see her booty popping out. Heidy believes it is one of the most attractive features on a woman and it shows that she worked hard for it in the gym, has been genetically blessed – or even paid for it!

Having been posting videos on her Instagram for years in order to reveal just how to grow glutes like her’s, Heidy took it up a notch when she decided to upload a couples’ workout, not with her boyfriend – with her dog! She chose to exercise with her dog to give people ideas on how to exercise at home if you do not have weights or equipment – if a person wants to get results, they will work with what they have available at home. That can be a backpack full of books, water bottles, or a pet! Combining her furry BFF and her grueling workouts was a no-brainer, she loves Chester so much because he brings happiness into her life.

On her Instagram (@heidy.espaillat), Heidy routinely shares pictures of her astonishingly pert butt and fun videos featuring her lovable French bulldog – who even has his own page (@chesterthe.frenchie). But her professional life wasn’t always just mutts and butts.

After leaving university, she worked full-time as a banker earning just over £23,000 a year but found herself unfulfilled with the 9-5 life, so started working out more. When she first started training, she didn’t know which exercises to do to grow her glutes, so I started searching online on how to grow them fast. After training for a few months and learning on her own, she decided to get my personal trainer certification to share the knowledge she’d acquired.

Heidy noticed that the most requested body part to improve was the booty – so she started focusing specifically on how to build the perfect butt. She now runs both a lucrative booty-enhancing online program, as well as has her own gym line called Hellat where she sells leggings, tops, and glute bands. She offers workout programs and customised meal plans to help my clients grow their booty. The exercise programs are beginner-friendly and can be done using just a pair of dumbbells and a glute band. Heidy is eager to stress there’s a lot more to the perfect butt than simply doing reps.

She says it’s very important to also combine the nutrition part with weight training exercises to get faster results. Clients just need to be ready for a change and do the work. Results will happen soon if they are consistent and a big booty can bring happiness and confidence to a woman. Heidy really loves to help ladies form well-rounded glutes because she knows that their self-esteem will increase. With the right exercises and nutrition, they really can build the booty of their dreams.

Heidy Espaillat – who currently earns up to $250,000 a year – thinks the big booty trend, made popular by the likes of Kim Kardashian on Instagram, is here to stay. She doesn’t think that the massive booty thing is a fad. Tiny butts might come back in style – but there will always be people who like them in all different sizes. Heidy also reckons men should start jumping on the outsized-booty train. She sees so many men at the gym only training their upper bodies, but personally likes men with a butt. Even her husband trains with her and she get him to do her booty workouts!

Heidy Espaillat has identified a number of common, unhelpful misconceptions women have about butt workouts. Most women seem to believe that lifting weights will make them look manly, but that’s simply not true – lifting weights will help them enhance their natural curves and make the booty rounded.  Other women think they can get away with just training their glutes once per week – Heidy always recommends clients train three times a week but keep in mind it’s important to set aside rest days in-between. The other common mistake people seem to make is assuming they need to get super sore to know it’s working, that’s just not true. If you don’t get sore, it doesn’t mean that you have failed, and as long as you are consistently training your glutes, you will get results.

Head to Heidy’s Instagram for more advice and how-to videos that will help you grow that booty.

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