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How To Impress Women Based on the Place They’re Coming from?



How To Impress Women

You have probably heard that women from different parts of the world want different things, which means not all women are the same as they want us to think. Brought up in different cultures, educated in different environments and taking part in communities that are unique in its existence make women strong believers of what they perceive as right. So, if you want to impress a woman, deeply consider the place she is coming from. Let us help you by starting with a slow but steady pace. Here is how to impress women according to the continents they are coming from. 



Asian women are very traditional. They are brought in a tight-knit family and since young aged, they learn how to respect the elderly. As there are many religions on Asian territory, you can’t assume that they are following certain rules you would find in a holy book. Instead, they are taught of compassion, peace, and respect. 

If you want to impress a Japanese, Chinese or Korean woman, work hard to show her that you can be her solid rock. Show her affection and shower her with attention. Make every day memorable and let her build her trust in you. Asian women want a partner that will be there for them and not one that can use them as a trophy. 



European women are equal partners of men. They want to be considered as an equal in all spheres of life – work, home, household and raising a family. German women are the leaders of this movement. They want a partner who thinks their capabilities are the same and their involvement in the home activities are fairly shared. 

British women want an educated man that fits their educational background. They want someone who they can talk to and seek advice regardless of the topic and support them relentlessly. 

Russian and Ukrainian women are brought up in a more traditional environment. However, they are ready to fight for their dreams even if that means leaving the country. So if you want to meet  Ukrainian woman or Russian perhaps, the ones who are passionate about their dreams like you are, look for places where such dreams come true – even on the other side of the world. 


North America

The USA is a melting pot. Here come people from all over the world to study, work and live and in the majority of cases they end up finding a partner and getting married. It wouldn’t be realistic if we talked about American women, because if you are in the USA, it is impossible to meet only American women, even in blocks where people from a certain ethnicity live. For example, you can find Latinas in the Chinese block of restaurants or Americans in the Latin night bars. 

Therefore, our advice is to be open-minded and search for the American values in the very famous American dream – someone who wants to work, study, and live in the USA and be successful in it.