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Literally, no woman would ever deny or want to challenge the ravishing effect, of a golden dress. It literally suits every skin tone. The color gold is considered to be the evergreen party color, that never seems to disappoint when it comes to imparting festive vibes.

However, just wearing a golden dress will not suffice. You have to know the correct styling tips associated with it. Starting from, what shoes to wear, what accessories to carry, and what makeup look to go for, it is one never-ending list.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to restrict my focus entirely, to the styling tips associated with makeup. After all, that gorgeous golden number does deserve all the ‘fashion justice’. So don’t you dare stop scrolling. 

Styling Tips For Golden Dresses: The Makeup Edition

Even the makeup, appropriate for the gold dresses for women, does not distinguish with skin tones. Whether you are on the fairer side or on, the darker side, it will make you look as fabulous as ever. 

Golden dresses are usually ideal for evening occasions, such as prom nights, parties, fashion shows, etc. Therefore, you would want to consider doing the makeup accordingly. 

Some of the gold dresses for women would be, a cocktail gown or that li’l gold number, a sequin studded flared dress, or a fishtail cut gown,… which would be a never-ending list.

Keeping them in mind, here are some of the makeup tips to follow.

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* The Base Or The Face Makeup

Gold is a color, that compliments most skin tones. Although, one should not underestimate the potential of this color to make you resemble a disco ball. While planning a makeup look for a golden dress, your focus should primarily be, on concealing the flaws and achieving smooth textured skin. 

In order to achieve this, make sure you are investing time in sculpting the perfect base. Getting your base makeup correct is like getting 50% of your work done. Smooth & even-toned skin looks best, no matter what outfit you’re wearing. 

Oh, one more thing, always choose a concealer that is 2 to 3 shades lighter than your original skin tone. The pro-er you’re at concealing those baggy eyes, the younger you will look. Come on, a little illusion won’t harm, mankind.

Once your base is set, the eye and the lip makeup is not really a big deal.

* For The Eyes 

When planning eye makeup to compliment a  golden dress, always go with a champagne-colored eyeshadow (suited for a fairer skin tone) and light pale gold (suited for a medium skin tone). 

After you are done with the eyeshadow part, draw a winged eyeliner (especially, those extended ones). Finish it off with multiple coats of mascara. And, you are good to go.

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* For The Lips

There is no better match to a golden dress, other than a pair of dark lips. This evening dress will stand out best with a beautiful dark-hued lip shade. 

Some of the popular shades would be, a deep wine red, some cherry red, marsala, etc. You can even try out a magenta-shaded lip color. But if you ask me, I’d request you to stick to red, religiously.

* A Bronze-Like Glow

A glowy face will suit best with your golden dress. Trust me, on this. A glowy face without an overdose of shimmer, here & there, will definitely make you win some hearts. 

To complement this ‘bronzey’ look, you can either go with a peachy orange lip shade or a nude one.

* The ‘Selena Gomez’ Style 

Out of the dozen celebrities sporting a golden dress, my favorite would be Selena Gomez. Her nude eyes and peachy orange lip, does make her resemble the fresh English Rose

The faint stroke of the peach blush, along with some mascara adorning lashes- serves as the perfect companion to the dress. This makeup look is the perfect fit, for a morning or an afternoon occasion. 

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With that being said, I guess my job here is done. Following the above styling tips, there is no doubt that you will transform into an absolute head-turner. Have some extra styling tips, to add? Maybe something about what shoes to wear or what accessories to carry.

You are familiar with the drill. Aren’t you? Engage with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear back from you. 

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