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How Zurlia Servellon built one of the world’s most effective Branding and Public Relations Agencies



How Zurlia Servellon built one of the world’s most effective Branding and Public Relations Agencies

According to Zurlia, extraordinary times call for extraordinary brands. She puts people at the heart of each brand experience to drive behavioral change and achieve a genuine effect. She harnesses the power of psychology to develop distinctive brands that are meaningful, memorable, and iconic.

Any business can benefit from the power of branding. Everyone has a story to tell, and since people enjoy good stories, it’s only a matter of expressing it in a way that will appeal to and interest your audience. This article will discuss the techniques used by one of the best PR professionals to develop brand loyalty.

“People often misunderstand branding as having a nice website with a pretty logo but in reality, effective branding is the process of giving a specific organization, company, product, or service meaning on a deep, emotional level. It is a method used by businesses to make it easier for customers to recognize and experience their brand, as well as to give them a reason to prefer their goods over those of the competition.

The skill of storytelling lies at the heart of public relations. The goal of PR is to establish and express your identity with your audience by using your story, the account of how you got started, and what drove you to embark on your path. Your fundamental values are based on your story, and they influence a lot of what your brand does. Knowing your origin story, your motivations, and the challenges you have faced helps to humanize your brand and make you more relatable. It is stated that without a compelling tale, corporate leaders will not be taken seriously. When you combine effective branding with PR, success becomes inevitable” – says, Zurlia. 

If you are ready to create a powerful brand, follow the steps below:

1. Define the value your brand can bring to the world: As mentioned above, brands are not logos, and logos are not brands. What is the connection, feeling, and perceived value your product or service can create in the customer’s mind? 

2. Define and communicate a clear message: What exactly do you want to be known for? Who are you trying to impact, and how will customers relate to your message? What type of emotion does your message elicit? To create your message, always try to make your customer the center of it. Make them feel seen, heard, and understood. 

3. Set the right expectations: When humans create brand loyalty, they come with expectations. Are those expectations being met and even exceeded by your brand? 

Taking the time to answer these questions can help you connect deeper with your ideal customers. Remember, branding is not about you or your business, rather it is based on the value and problems you solve for others. The more value you share, the more impact you create. If you would like to learn more about branding and PR, reach out to Zurlia through social media.


Ujwal Sharma is an Indian award-winning entrepreneur, investor, freelance journalist, and digital marketer. He is the Founder and CEO of Uzi World Digital, and Editor-in-chief at Empire Weekly.