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If you want to make changes, you need to stop playing small!



want to make changes


No one is going to pull your ass off that sofa, no one is going to knock on your door with a cheque for £100k, you aren’t suddenly going to wake up 1 day, having lost that weight you want to shift & that dream job or life you so desperately want will not just appear in the blink of an eye, if you do nothing different.

What if I told you that you could have all the above if you want it?

Question is – Do you really want it?  Sit on the question for a minute, please……

How badly do you want to make changes to live that Level 10 life? Do you really want it? If you do, then you absolutely have the power within yourself to make it happen.

If you are really ready to make positive changes then keep reading.  If not, I’m sorry to be blunt but nothing will change for you unless you are really committed to making changes.

Don’t be a ‘Still person’  

Still bitching, still complaining, still hating, still fed up & still feeling stuck.

You’re still reading this article, so I’m guessing something I’ve called out has resonated with you in some way?  YES? great, you’ve taken your first step already.

Here’s where the magic happens.  Now take 3 deep breaths, breath in the clean air, and breath out all the crap you are carrying today. Let it go.

What would you like to do for you? Not what you think you should do, what is deep within you, what is it that you really desire.

Is it to overcome something pretty challenging in your life, or it may be to overcome several challenges in your life right now?

Whatever it is, know that if you want it badly enough, you have the absolute power and control within yourself to make it happen.

I’ve talked in previous posts about manifesting, and how vision boards are incredible. I am proof that they do work.  I remember putting my vision board together early this year, thinking ‘Can this really happen?’ Surely, it’s not as easy as sticking some pictures on a board, reading some self-help books, and doing affirmations every day? Or is it?

That’s the easy part, and in fact, your halfway there when you do it. The other 50% is about you bringing something to the table.  Asking the universe for all these incredible life changes is one thing, but you need a plan, you need to want it so badly that you’ll put the work in.  You need to believe that it will happen.  You need to STOP with the negative self-talk.  You need to STOP with the excuses as to why you can’t.  Fear is the biggest thing that stops us from living our level 10 life.

Fear lives in all of us, and every day, fear will creep in, and the inner critic and ego will give it big licks, telling you stories.

  • ‘That won’t work’
  • ‘You’ve tried that before, you were crap at it’
  • ‘You’ll fail at that’
  • ‘They’ll all laugh at you’
  • ‘People will think you’re an idiot’
  • ‘Just stay under the radar’
  • ‘Stick to what you know, it’s safe there’
  • ‘It’s not that bad, no one lives a level 10 life, what’s wrong with a 6 or 7 anyway?’

Sound familiar?

OK, so let’s talk about ‘The Comfort Zone’ How comfortable is it?

I know how scary it is to step out of that safe, comfort zone. I get it.  Remember, I was that girl for so long.  I was stressed beyond belief. I didn’t like very much about myself.  I tried to fit into a world at work that I didn’t like.  I felt like I had to change who I was to ‘fit in’ and stay under that radar, just to get through another day.  I used to wish my precious life away. I had the Sunday dread, it wasn’t even Monday yet, and I was already wishing 5 days of my life away.  Life is a gift, it’s precious, it goes by in a flash, yet I was wishing it away all the time.  It impacted everything in my life. My health, my relationship with my family, my confidence, everything was impacted.  The more I procrastinated and stayed in my comfort zone, the more I just accepted that this was ‘just the way it was’ Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the time my life was great, I loved huge parts of my life, but because I was so consumed in what I was unhappy about, I didn’t appreciate all of the amazing things I had already.  I knew that but I just couldn’t seem to get out the bit, I was stuck.  I knew that I wanted more.  I just didn’t know where to start.  At that time, I had pretty much accepted that I couldn’t really be myself a lot of the time at work.  I couldn’t ‘speak my truth’, and for me to fit in, I had to play the game.

That’s my story, what’s yours? What is it that has held you back from getting to your level 10 life?


I get it, I really get it.  It’s so scary putting yourself out there and trying something new, and here we go again with the following –

  • ‘What if it doesn’t work?
  • ‘What if I’m rubbish at it, and I fail?’
  • ‘What if people laugh at me?’
  • ‘What if they think I’m a complete joke and talk about me?’

These are the reasons as to why you don’t really put your heart into making the changes, isn’t it? They were all my reasons too.

OK, so you may give it a half-hearted attempt, or you may go hell for leather for a few weeks, but then you stop.

Here’s my experience.  I dabbled in bits and pieces, looked for jobs elsewhere, downloaded ‘free’ eBooks, and content around changing your career. I never fully committed to it though. I watched as I saw others succeed. I would think ‘God, I wished I had their courage’ The truth is, I wasn’t committed enough.  I thought I was.  I had a huge burning desire to get out of the crap comfort zone, but getting free content online, and self-help books only took me so far. If it was always free, then I could stop at any time, I wasn’t losing anything. Only I was, as the reason I kept failing was that I never truly committed to it.

I started off with free YouTube meditation apps, and podcasts. I bought some Self-Help books, then 1 day, it just clicked.  I knew that if I were serious about making real-life changes, I need to be fully committed.  Not just 2/3 days a week, I mean every single day.  I needed a plan, I needed to figure out ‘My Why’ I needed to clear out all the crap I had been carrying for years and figure out which direction I wanted to go in.  There’s only far you’ll go with free content, sometimes you just need to give yourself permission to invest time and money on yourself.

I remember signing up for my Life Coaching qualification program, it was around £3000.  I honestly felt so scared.  Then there was the £2000 to invest in my Business Coach Program.  I felt sick.  Seriously I felt so worried.  I was terrified!  We had a big ass Mortgage, 2 young kids, and a garden that needed a complete overhaul, 2 holidays to pay, and I had left my job at the Bank.

‘What am I doing?’ My heart was racing, I was terrified.  The ego/self-talk and inner critic were going into overdrive.  ‘You will fail, this isn’t you, what a waste of money.  Go back to the Corporate World, you know it, it’s safe.  You’ll let you everyone down, what if you can’t pay your mortgage, you lose your house, and Daryl dumps you?’  You name it, I thought it.

It hadn’t even occurred to me to think about the positive opposite of that.

‘What if it works? what if you are a huge success? What if you make your family proud? What if you inspire others to do the same with their life?’

Suddenly I began to let myself feel how good it could feel to achieve everything I’d ever wanted. I let myself feel what a Level 10 life could be like, and it felt amazing.

That was the day that I really started making life changes.  I know it’s hard to think about investing a lot of money in yourself, but the truth is, sometimes you have to.  Free stuff will only take you so far, and for some, that’s enough. Many people just need a boost and a point in the right direction.  They have enough self-discipline to go for it, which is amazing.

For others, and me, the moment I invested money in myself, I knew that I had to make it work. This was another level completely.  I could not invest that level of cash on myself and not fully commit.  Having the course, the coaches, the mentors made me accountable every week.  There was no way I couldn’t make it work now, there was only 1 way this was going, and it was forward.

If you are serious about making changes, taking back control of things in your life, and living with full gratitude, self-love, and abundance, then you need to put the work in.  Not just for a day here and there.  It shouldn’t be a chore, it should be exciting.  Knowing that I could reach my goals in such a short space was exciting.  I did the work, I was held accountable by those I invested with. Suddenly the things on my Vision Board were all coming true.  The Universe had met me halfway, and I was grateful.

I truly believe that everyone can make life changes, regardless of age/sex/race or gender.  Sometimes you just need to check in with yourself, open your heart, listen to it, and reconnect with the real you.

Don’t waste another day, week or month wishing your life away.  If you want to make changes, you need to change your mindset.  Find what feels good, open your heart and mind to new possibilities, and don’t let fear stop you.   Don’t be having the same conversation with yourself in 3 months’ time.  Be looking in the mirror, liking what you see, and how you feel.  Fear is a feeling, energy, but so is love and happiness. Choose Love over fear!

Choose to love yourself, put the work in, make the changes and live in abundance.  Do it now, book that class, sign up to that course. Go see someone about a business opportunity, find out how much that thing you’re thinking about doing costs? Or connect with me, and let me help you.

How much is your level 10 worth?

The universe is waiting to make your dreams come true.  Go meet him (or her) halfway.

Love and Gratitude,

Jill x

Hey, I'm Jill Ritchie. I'm a Scottish online Life Success Coach, and live in the U.K. I was a Corporate Leader for many years, and accepted the stories I had either been told, or told myself for so long, that I didn't even recognise who I was anymore. Until 1 day, following another month of extreme stress at work, I pulled my pipe dream off the shelf, put the big girls parts on and made the brave decision to leave it all behind me, and do something that added true value to people's lives. I now get to Coach people to break through their limiting beliefs, silence their inner critic, and achieve their level 10 life. I am a Mum to my 2 little boys, Jude & Eden, and get to be fully present with them every day. Something I never dreamed I could do, until I woke up, and knew there had to be more. I now have my freedom. Freedom to be with them every day, do a job that I absolutely love, and make above all else, freedom to speak my truth. I would love to connect with anyone who can relate. Love & Gratitude, Jill x