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Infinite Shades of Happiness is a Modern Book of Digital Romance



Infinite Shades of Happiness is a Modern Book of Digital Romance

Online dating apps and websites have become such a meaningful part of our daily lives. More people around the world are turning on their phones or laptops, to find that perfect partner. For some, it is a terrifying ordeal to put themselves out there for the world to see. Others, on the other hand, enjoy the confidence that all the attention brings. People are being more noticed online than they would in real life. Which can be overwhelming, especially for introverts. Due to such busy lifestyles, dating sites have become the only option for several people to combat loneliness. Finding love on the internet is now so prevalent, but it’s also very challenging, heartbreaking, and enduring.


Andre Prince De Grace is a very open-minded and wholesome author. He successfully encompasses all the thrills and pitfalls of online dating in his latest book, “Infinite Shades of Happiness.” Through the encounters of fifty women from six different continents, Infinite Shades of Happiness gives us a unique and superb insight into the modern world of online dating. The book is written in a conversational tone that feels very personal and most importantly, it’s exceedingly relatable. Each woman candidly shares her own background and reasons that convinced her to create a dating profile. They describe in incredible detail all their hopes, expectations, and even many forms of insecurities which held them back from showing their true selves to others.


This collection of diverse experiences provides a comprehensive overview for readers to understand where they go wrong when it comes to dating online. We all have the same intention to find love or companionship, but there are many ways we incorrectly express ourselves, which makes it harder for the right people to connect with us. The author states plenty of informational tidbits and humor to help people find exactly who they are looking for.


By the end of the first chapter, Infinite Shades of Happiness makes the reader reflect on the ideal person they want to start a relationship with. It motivates people to burrow deep into their perceptions and open themselves up in ways they ordinarily wouldn’t. This is to help find the right traits that are most valuable when it comes to finding a true soulmate.


The book sparks various ideas and challenges the way we think about online dating. It reminds us that even though it has become such a normal part of our lives, it’s still remarkably different from dating offline. People have a wide array of physical traits and body languages they can use to connect with each other when they meet face-to-face. But on the internet, we only have profiles that need to bear the entire weight of our personalities. Surprisingly, very few people pay close attention to that fact.


There is a shopping mentality that many millennials have succumbed to when it comes to online dating. However, Infinite Shades of Happiness is breaking literary barriers to prove that there are numerous possibilities when it comes to finding a soulmate on the internet. All it takes is an open mind, and honest reflection to experience a world that we have only seen a small view of, until now.


The common piece of feedback from both men and women is that this book is brilliant. There have been many books on relationships. But, Infinite Shades of Happiness is perceived as a masterpiece in guiding them through online dating. Let us see the differences in the perception of the book even when men and women think in the same direction. 


Women think that the book helps in figuring out the qualities of the potential soul mate to get success in online dating. Women would be able to understand the reactions of men to their feelings while online dating. They believe after reading the book it has become easier for them to get successful in the search of their soul mate. The book has given them crystal clarity of their expectations from their partners. Women have understood the challenges that could come in the way of successful dating experience and how to prevent them. They find the most important prevention of the book is heartbreak.


Men think that they can understand the way women think during online dating. Men found it easier to overcome their fear of online dating by preparing themselves to get into the right quality mind said before beginning the online dating. Some men find it to be an insight into real-life situations and find the book completely inspirational in managing those situations. They have the faith to conquer their fears after reading the book.


So, this book plays a slightly different role in the lives of men and women. However, this is true that this book happens to be a great solution to the challenges in the modern trend of online dating.