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Lian Nguyen Pham Is The Peak Performer And Here’s Why



Everyday thousands of individuals try to achieve peak performance. However, not a lot realize that it takes a combination of effort, hard work, and strategy to maximize your potential. While others try to push past their boundaries and overcome obstacles while being able to do a lot of things at the same time, some just give up. 

Lian Nguyen Pham is known for the moniker, Peak Performer but she has proven why she deserves to be called that. Lian Nguyen Pham is a powerful woman  a combination of disruptor, biohacker, and daring entrepreneur. She’s changing lives by being an entrepreneur all while balancing her life as a mother of two. But before she became the peak performer that she is now, Lian had to overcome a lot of challenges first to be where she is now.

She witnessed the struggles and triumphs of her parents and she began to understand what it would take not only to be a successful business person but also why it was all worth it.

Lian was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, where her parents settled after immigrating to the U.S. from Vietnam. Moving to Houston when she was a young girl, she watched, learned and helped her mom and dad in their tailoring business. She saw them work diligently to launch and establish a small business — learning new skills and creating success through ingenuity, sacrifice, and dedication to making a better life for their family.

Lian’s path to becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t easy, she had to prove her way through everything. She began hosting and producing parties and events in college. It served as a solid beginning in logistics, budgeting, and business management.

Although she first focused on event management and planning, her ventures grew into corporate event space, beer garden and food halls, theatre, and so many more. Together with her business partner, Anh Mai, they grew successful and innovative enterprises that proved their skills in business and entrepreneurship.

In 2017, Lian founded the Company of Nomads. She serves as the CHO or Chief Heart Officer. Being the CHO, Lian is the heart and hustle of the company. She believes that mentorship in a workplace is essential and is the company’s responsibility as leaders to teach, train, and inspire. 

Company of Nomads is an urbantech company that helps improve cities and communities using innovative profit through purpose startups.

Furthermore, it is a space to create meaningful social changes. Company of Nomads is a mission-driven company and aspires to scale the businesses in a way that maintains and strengthens its social contribution alongside revenues and profits. There is a critical need to support businesses committed to creating lasting social and economic value.

Company of Nomad’s shared purpose is to “be the change”. And indeed, Lian is an epitome of becoming the change so she can inspire and help change other people’s lives.

Other than that, Lian is also giving importance to health and wellness. In fact, she has been utilizing innovative techniques and products to enhance health and wellness. Lian’s impact and thought leadership are boundaryless, transcending the status quo to drive quality of life, well-being, and success for the people of Houston, and beyond.

If there’s a woman that everyone should look up to, it’s the Peak Performer, Lian Nguyen Pham.

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