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Lilene French: The CEO and Founder of Reflections of a Queen LLC



Lilene French

Lilene French is a certified personal development, and career life coach who has dedicated her time to helping women find their purpose. Her brand (Reflections of a Queen, LLC) uses faith-based teachings to “empower, educate, and equip women on the importance of living a life of purpose and positive self-discovery. “She states that her coaching services will help women (especially teen girls) live fulfilling lives by eliminating negative beliefs that hold them captive, forcing them to live in mediocrity. “My coaching services will give women the boldness necessary to tackle their personal and professional goals.”


Empowering Women Worldwide


French’s desire to help other women prosper in every area of their life is what led her to become a “mompreneur.” She believes that her knowledge of self-awareness and professional development could help transform many lives. Her belief that every woman has an inner mission to uncover the queen within keeps her excited about her purpose. “My intention was to create a platform that would create more consciousness centered on self-awareness and professional development. Every woman has an inner queen filled with ambition, authority, and purpose. Reflections of a Queen, LLC., was created to help women all over the world come into a full understanding of the next steps to help them live a fulfilled life of purpose.

Entrepreneurship and Motherhood

During our interview, I asked this inspiring entrepreneur, how her career path has positively impacted her most important job–motherhood! She claimed that she has experienced many positive benefits to becoming an entrepreneur. Her new lifestyle awards her the ability to travel more, spend more time with her child, and become an inspiring testimony to her son. “Entrepreneurship has helped me tap into my inner strengths while uncovering my deep passion for helping women and teen girls. Ultimately, my son can see me living my dream and purpose which I hope will catapult him into walking boldly into his purpose with confidence. [The path] allows me to be an example to my son and my community, as it positions me to be an example of what you can become if you truly put your mind and heart into your vision.”

Entrepreneurship can be a rewarding path to financial freedom and stability, but it can also offer a few challenges. Lilene French gives insight into the challenges that she’s faced as a “mompreneur” and how she has worked to overcome them. For many, time-management is a big hurdle. With both family and business responsibilities, it’s easy to allow things, people, and obligations fall to the wayside, but having faith during the hard times and working smarter not harder can change your life for the better. “The biggest challenge for me as a “mompreneur” is prioritizing my time concerning my family, business, education, and community. I recognize that I wear many hats and all of these responsibilities require a great deal of my time and energy. However, I am determined to execute all of my goals with the help of God and my team.”


Stress Management as a Mom Entrepreneur

As a mom entrepreneur, there are effective methods to help manage stress and work burnout. French shares her experiences as a mom entrepreneur and how she copes with the demands of being a CEO in her business and at home. Lilene French is a Christian woman who believes in the power of prayer. She uses the word of God to cast away negative thoughts, overwhelming stress, and crippling fear, and she hopes that her story and faith will bring empowerment to other women as well. “I manage my stress through constant prayer and in reading the word of God. Prayer has helped me find my peace in tough situations. I also like speaking the word of God over my life and repeating positive affirmations that keep me motivated and encouraged whenever I face tough situations. . . The advice that I would give other mothers would be to create your “why”. Your “why” will be the fuel that propels you into the next level in your career, and/or business. When you know your purpose, you can tackle just about anything.”


To find out how the Reflections of a Queen can help you or someone you love discover their God-given purpose, join the Facebook group or contact Lilene French via her Facebook business page.


Miesha Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing heartwarming and inspiring stories of everyday individuals who work to transform their dreams of success into reality.