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Mediocrity Speaks Loud and Often




July 2018 a Wimbledon for the history books.  Pregnant Pippa attends fashionably astute.  The double duchess; Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex too made fashionable appearances.  However, the Wimbledon Tennis Prom Queen crown (if there was one) goes to 36-year old, mother-to-a-newborn, Serena Williams.  Serena wasn’t sitting stylishly in the spectator stands but, masterfully busting balls on the tennis court.  An oxymoron for several reasons but one may not be able to tell solely from the headlines:

  • Serena Williams Loses 2018 Wimbledon Final – HuffPost
  • Wimbledon 2018: Serena Williams falls to Angelique Kerber, but Twitter is in awe of her run to the finals – CBS Sports
  • Wimbledon 2018 Women’s Final: Serena Williams falls short in final but still sends a powerful message – Washington Post

She falls short?  How many can 36-year old mother of an 11-week old train physically and mentally well enough to make it to Wimbledon?  Every day right?  Not hardly.  She is the Phenomenal Woman chronicled in the infamous poem by Maya Angelou.

The headlines would lead me to believe that Serena and her accomplishments were average, ordinary, mediocre when she is anything but that.  But that’s just like mediocrity; speaking loud above the crowd.  Whoever said ‘misery loves company’ must not have known about mediocrity because mediocrity speaks loud and often.  Average, ordinary, standard, and uninspired calls out to me daily.

I’m not Serena Williams, but I’ve taken my life and career by the horns to achieve prosperity and personal success on my terms.  It hasn’t been easy.  No cakewalk here.  I stand in agreement with Oprah Winfrey’s Color Purple character, Sophia, “All my life I’ve had to fight.”  No, I didn’t have to fight my daddy or my uncles, but I did have to fight my self-limiting belief systems.  I did have to fight the desire to throw in the towel and settle for being average.  I did have to challenge societal norms.  I had to fight the noise.

My 2018 Vision Journal included a full speaking calendar regardless of location.  No more thinking and living small.  Not focused on events in my local commuting area.  I was blowing the top off baby; international or bust in 2018!  I was determined to make it happen.  Make it happen I did.  My calendar is full of speaking engagements from Canada to California.

Well, I missed the California speaking engagement.  No-fault of my own.  I fought my way from Washington D.C. to Ontario, California.  American Airlines didn’t get the memory or the torn pages from my 2019 Vision Journal.  The pilot didn’t show up.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  The co-pilot and flight attendant crew, present and accounted for but no pilot to fly the plane.

I scheduled everything out to be in Morena Valley, California the night before the event.  I built in time for me to review my talking points, rest well, and rejuvenate myself with an excellent breakfast before my moment to shine.  That was how I wrote the script, but the final production went nothing like that.  The edited version is after my unexpected overnight stay in Dallas, Texas by the time I arrived in Ontario, California it was the same time I was supposed to be at my speaking event.

I looked at my cell phone to see a text from the airline informing me that my luggage was on a different flight than me.  They arrived after me.  I had to surrender my will to that of the Universe.  I let the event host know that I wasn’t going to make it.  This high-achieving woman was dejected.  The headlines running across my mind started to look very similar to those of Serena Williams:

  • High Achieving Middle-Aged Woman Changes Professional Industries Only to Fail.
  • Mediocrity and Middle-Aged Are Synonymous: Stick to What Got You to Six-Figures
  • Vision Journals and Goal-Setting is for Millennials NOT the Middle-Aged

I had to get to clarity, rebuke my headlines, and fight my self-limiting beliefs.

  1. Failure is part of the journey to success; stepping stones in fact. High achievement comes at the cost of failing often and forward toward the desired  I’ve succeeded once, and I’ll do it again.
  2. If necessity is the mother of invention; mediocrity is the father of time. Mediocrity is time lost in goal achievement.  It’s the clock of life ticking, ticking, and ticking as a reminder that time waits for no woman to make ‘it’ happen.
  3. Failing to plan is a plan to fail, and I’d instead prepare to succeed. When I look through previous years’ Visions Journals, I’m amazed at how I’ve realized several  My life looks and feels the way it does, high, by design, not a coincidence.

Mediocrity speaks loud and often, but I choose to live louder!

Dr. Lisa Lewis Ellis, “The Belief System (B.S.) Boss”, because belief systems require S.H.I.F.T. to S.E.R.V.E. You! Learn more at www.lisalewisellis or or 833-542-2697