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Meet Brittney Jones: One of Today’s Most Sought After Online Entrepreneurs



It only takes a quick online search to come up with pages and pages of entrepreneurial advice out there. Not only that, it’s likely all over your Facebook and Instagram too. And while most online gurus have the best of intentions, a lot of it can lead you down a rabbit hole chasing methods that are only going to prove to suck up your time with little return. Have you ever heard the advice that in order to be successful you need to get up at 5 am? It’s often referred to as the 5 am club … well this entrepreneur has a different story to tell. One where she knows for sure you don’t have to get up at 5 am to be successful. 

Brittney Jones is an online business coach whose quick growth both online and in the business community is turning heads. She’s worked with 100’s of clients worldwide in the past year, and built a community of over 100,000 online all dedicated to helping others on this entrepreneurial journey. 

“I’ve done business differently than what a lot of the gurus out there will teach you. And I’m opening up about this because there are a lot of strategies out there being taught that can keep you spinning your wheels in business.” 

Brittney used to work in the corporate world with a 9-5 job. Nonetheless, she eventually realized she was meant for something different. She quit her corporate job to start working only online, and now she is a multi six-figure earner showing others how to do the same. 

“When I was first growing my business, I consumed every piece of business knowledge I could. I bought the books, joined the free webinars, and watched many tutorials online. I’d hear things like, ‘You need a Pinterest account to be successful’- so, I’d start that up. Or in order to amount to any success, you need to be up at 5 am. Here’s the problem with this type of advice: you can have the best strategies out there but, if your mindset isn’t in check, none of that will matter.” 

Once Brittney implemented some new practices into her business, she went through a quick transformation. She was used to hearing stories about how long it takes to have a successful business, and about not expecting to make money at least until year 5 in the business. However, Brittney’s transformation was different from all of this. She has always been an overachiever, and with that mindset she was able to achieve massive success. 

Brittney admits that there was nothing inspiring to her about growing by incremental amounts month after month. That she wanted a big transformation because she needed it. She was able to achieve this, and that is why she shares her story. “Not to impress people, but to inspire them so they know they can dream a little bigger,” she says. 

“If I had listened to all of the gurus out there and their traditional business advice, I know for sure I would’ve slowed right down and let this journey take me well over 5 years to see any type of success. I’d still be getting up at 5 am, checking off a giant list of to dos, consuming business book after business book with little results. These are the things not many people are talking about in business. Not a lot of people will get out there and tell you to drop the 5 am club or unsubscribe from the productivity apps you’ve been downloading.” 

So, what does Brittney recommend for success on your entrepreneurial journey? Your ability to continue moving in your business despite the fear that comes up on a daily basis. 

“Mindset is vital when starting your own business. I believe it is the reason some people succeed and others don’t. Fear is inevitable, it will always be there. What you choose to do while you’re doubting your capabilities or worried about what others are thinking of you will determine your path of success. I get it, it’s not easy. Every single entrepreneur goes through these fears. Some decide to let it paralyze them, others continue on in spite of it. I want to help people decide on the later.” Brittney shares. 

Brittney also advises people to ask for help along the way. She claims that doing it yourself can only get you so far. She herself used to think she could figure everything out on her own and that she didn’t need help. But everyone needs help. She advises to invest in a coach from the beginning and not let your ego run the show. 

Now that Brittney has achieved success, which for her means being happy and present, she can look back and recognize the obstacles she has overcome. For example, fear, which ultimately means growth. Fear is uncomfortable but when you work through it it leads to incredible growth. 

“Earning six figures means nothing if you aren’t happy. If you cannot take time to be happy or stay present in the moment, what is the point?” Brittney says. 

Brittney’s next projects include speaking engagements and launching her new suite of online courses for 2020. In the meantime, she will continue to differentiate herself from her competition by staying active in the trenches of her business, putting in her work daily. 

“What I teach and share on social media is not what worked 5 years ago. It’s what works today.” Brittney concludes. 

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