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Meet Roxy and Monica Landen: The World-Traveling Dog-Influencer Duo @WithRoxy!



monica landen

The Dynamic Duo

If you are on Instagram, then there’s a high chance you have already heard about these two! Finnish-born Monica Landén, with her dog, Roxy, has become quite the Instagram sensation these days. Their social media presence, the strongest of which being their Instagram @WithRoxy, boasts over 250,000 followers combined.

What makes them so captivating and engaging? Well, perhaps it’s the aesthetic shots that undeniably portray the strong bond the girl shares with her beautiful loving dog. If you head over to their Instagram, you will fall in love with most of their pictures.

Their fame on Instagram skyrocketed as they have strategically incorporated elements from travel, photography, fashion, lifestyle, and Roxy as a pet all into one page! It’s a one-stop page for all things beautiful, definitely not something you see every day. And even from a technical standpoint, their quality is top-notch.

The Story Behind the Photos

Monica Landén has loved traveling since she was only 13 years old. She has spent her life exploring different countries and continents, cultures and traditions, from all over Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Asia, and Northern America. She met her boyfriend and co-manager of @WithRoxy, Gabriel M Padilla, in Los Angeles 4 years ago. Gabriel is also a renowned influencer (@GabrielMPadilla), and together the couple adopted Roxy, a Husky-German Shepherd mix 3 years ago.

As any excited pet owner would, Monica absolutely adored documenting Roxy’s photos from when she was just a puppy. Practicing photography is one of Monica’s many hobbies. She used Instagram as her personal photo album of Roxy, and to the couple’s surprise, it quickly gained attention from hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide.

Adopting a dog was a huge responsibility for Monica and Gabriel, and they wanted to make sure that Roxy was always well taken care of and she was never left alone at home—which has played well into establishing a remarkable presence as a Millennial influencer family online.

Since travel is one of the Instagram couple’s many shared passions, Roxy undoubtedly became a significant part of it, too. Roxy is a world-traveling dog, she has lived in four different states and two different countries since she was born three years ago!

What makes @WithRoxy so appealing is that their photos are filled with positive energy and personal touches. Monica feels truly blessed and acknowledges that all her creative efforts are worthwhile when fans reach out to her to share how inspired they get from enjoying all of @WithRoxy’s unique content. It surely showcases the connection between Monica and Roxy, which sets them apart from the other dog or fashion and travel influencers out there!

City of Dreams

Los Angeles, the City of Dreams, has been the perfect place to raise Roxy for Monica and Gabriel. The couple loves the outdoors and having the freedom to hike up to the Hollywood sign when they are not busy traveling the world or working on their campaigns and sponsorship.

Monica enjoys being surrounded by cool spots to take Roxy to, showing off the local sights on her Instagram. It should come as no surprise that they often get stopped by passers-by during their walks, only to confirm if Roxy is really a dog and not a wolf!

Besides the usual morning routine walk with Roxy, Monica makes sure to take Roxy for another long walk or two during the coolest times of the day. She also schedules photoshoots based on Roxy’s mood to guarantee that Roxy is entertained throughout with her favorite toys and treats.

Monica’s values match with the LA vibe. She prioritizes family, health, the environment and they both love the outdoors (of course!) which is evident from the stunning photos she takes. Her devotion to the love of animals is also admirable – she is a vegetarian and encourages others to lower their meat consumption even if they can’t cut it out entirely. This is a message that now more than ever, deserves to be shared among the masses. Our planet is suffering and those who have a vast audience like influencers, personalities and celebrities play a huge role in conveying this message to others. And Monica is giving all of her energies and exposure to this valuable cause.

Therefore, LA is looking like a long-term home for Monica and Roxy, since Monica has her future goals set on renting a house with a spacious yard for Roxy to play in, hopefully with a little brother (likely another snow-dog mix) to play with, too! Every decision must be taken based on their fur-friends needs like a family would do with kids!

We hope you enjoyed Monica and Roxy’s story and inspired many of you to chase your dream and pursue your passion with all your heart and passion.

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Marco A. Calamassi is an italian born entrepreneur in the digital marketing and ecommerce space. He lives between Miami and his homeland.