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Meet The Celebrity Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur -Aanal Savaliya



Aanal Savaliya

Young, talented, and trail-blazer Aanal Savaliya, is a force to reckon with, in the world of pretty people. She is trend-setter in celebrity make-up world, creating a niche for herself and her modern takes.

A noted and respected makeup artist Aanal Savaliya is not among people who follow trends, she creates them and sets a new milestone with her every creation. With a massive fan following in Industry and social media, she is one of the most sought out artists for creating signature looks.

The relationship between a celebrity and their makeup artist is one that can last a lifetime. Once the trust and shared vision are established, the preferred behind-the-scenes team of artists tends to accompany a celebrity on every shoot, film, and project, setting the mood and making everyone on the job feel comfortable. When you see a star shining on a red carpet or as a cover photo, the whole credit goes to his/her makeup artist. Yes, celebrities are just like you and me. They won’t be always having the perfect flawless skin or eyebrows. To make everything perfect from the roots, a skillful makeup artist’s hands will be always behind.

Over the years, many makeup artists have amassed massive followers on the social media platform because of their forward-thinking techniques, their incredible pictures, and which celebrities they’re working with. We also like to spy on the new tools (we’re suckers for a brush set) and what new methods we can use to get a great polished look.  Being a celebrity makeup artist is not a joke. With years of experience, hard work, and the expert guidance of an institution, a person can start his/her career as a celebrity makeup artist.

Privacy is one of the most important things for a celebrity, so much so that closed sets on a photoshoot are not uncommon. And with the rise of social media—which is often used as a promotional tool by makeup artists—there’s a careful balance to be struck. “One of the most important things is respecting my client’s privacy,” says Aanal.

With COVID19 and social distancing, Aanal Savaliya believes in offering the services by following all the government guidelines. She makes sure to change the PPE kit after finishing the makeup of every single client. Her love and dedication for her work are commendable and that is reflected in her team as well.

The love of profession and artistry in the make-up department led Aanal to create ‘Orange The Salon’ which works with the core philosophy of celebrity and client’s comfort, skin-type, and signature style statement. While she believes in understanding the needs of her clients and giving them the best results, during an interview, she recently opened up about her views on the make-up industry.

When asked about the challenges she faced as a makeup artist in India she revealed about her fans’ expectations “People expect you to be up to the mark always. It’s given that if you are making celebs ready, you have to look prim and proper always just like them. I would want to do all the celebs but especially Alia Bhatt because of her fearless attitude and love to do something different always.”

“I think in an age of social media it is easy to take a privacy for granted, so before I take any behind the scenes photographs and/or videos I ask permission and show them the final photo/video for approval before I post. This is something that took me some time to understand because social media is ever-growing and evolving. But it is crucial that your client knows you respect their privacy and that always comes first.”

Talking about working with celebrities Aanal revealed she thinks all faces have their shine. She does not think there is a perfect face to work with but, “Everyone has a fantastic face. I am an artist, makeup artist, so I will have to make the face look the best. She, however, did reveal Alia Bhatt as the celebrity that she would like to work with, “because of her fearless attitude”.

As for her studio, ‘Orange The Salon’ Savaliya has big plans, she added, “Want to grow ‘Orange’ to a different level. Make every bride and client come back to Orange every time. Have plans to expand and provide excellence in my services.”

Other than often trending on Instagram, she has made a name for herself in the film industry. Aanal Savaliya has worked with Bollywood and Gujrati celebrities like Daisy Shah, Fawad Khan, Alankrita, Deeksha Joshi, Bhakti Kubavat, and more.