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Qiana Turner: The Savvy Event Planner and Mompreneur



Qiana Turner

Qiana Turner is the owner and chief event planner of Madison Elyse Events also known as M.E. Events. Her company serves as a boutique wedding, social, and corporate event service provider. Although she has worked in the event industry for 8 years, the M.E. Events brand is a new operating business. Since 2017, she has serviced her community by creating a unique experience for her customers. No matter what stage you’re in in the event planning process, the brand offers a variety of packages to assist you. From a consultation visit where a member of the team will guide you through the design and creative process to the full-service package, the team has you covered!

After having her daughter, Turner decided to get back on the scene and re-brand her event planning business to what it is today. With a fresh new logo, brand personality, and name, she eagerly and fearlessly launched herself into her calling. “After two years, I had my daughter and took a hiatus to just be a wife and mom. In 2016, I was ready to get back into the event industry–so I revamped my image, logo, and brand name to Madison Elyse Events which is named after my daughter.”


The Journey into Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Owning her own business is her way to build a legacy and surprisingly enough, carve out a little free time for herself. She admits that although she works full-time for a non-profit organization, the corporate daily grind isn’t for her. She enjoys the freedom that entrepreneurship grants her and because she has a flexible schedule, she’s able to attend her children’s extracurricular activities. At times, her business can interfere with her children’s ballgames and recitals, but that just comes with the territory of being a mompreneur. “I find that corporate America [lifestyle] isn’t for me. Although I work full-time for a non-profit organization and everyone is so super nice, I have figured out that working for myself is ultimately what I want for myself. To be my own boss! I think it’s important to create a legacy before I leave this earth . . . having this business helps me do that. I also think it’s important to leave an inheritance, not just for my children, but my grandchildren as well. I also enjoy “me time”. That might sound weird, but event planning is the thing that I do and It brings me such joy and calmness. When I’m in my “zone” I’m very happy so for me it was a no-brainer to start a business doing what I love.“ 

The Balancing Act

Qiana Turner is a mom entrepreneur who is dedicated to devoting her energy to her family and career. Although balancing both work and home can be challenging, she says that life is all about balance. Turner gives insight into how she’s able to tackle her daily obligations and meet important deadlines. “Life is all about balance. I’m able to attend ballgames, dance recitals, and take them to practice because what I do consists mostly of talking on the phone and [answering] emails which can be accessed through my phone and I’m able to do things at night when my children are down for the night. The only time business interferes is when I have events on weekends or during the week. I sometimes miss games or taking my daughter to dance practice, but it’s the sacrifice of being an entrepreneur, a wife, and a mom.”

Keeping her “why” at the forefront of her mind helps her overcome the challenges that come with prioritizing her business when she needs to. As a loving and dedicated mom, it can be difficult to leave your children to take business trips or attend mandatory meetings with clients, especially when your children demand more of your time, but her vision for the future keeps her on course. The love that she has for her children keeps her striving for more and the passion that she has for her business makes her journey worthwhile.” 

Early on in her business, she admits that she made the mistake of giving her clients all-day access. She wouldn’t just work normal business hours, but she would make herself available around the clock! She quickly learned that this was not an effective way to run her business. Once she learned how to prioritize her work and life balance, she was able to dissolve the dreaded work burnout. “ I used to work my business all day every day! I gave my clients access to me at all times and I used to stop what I was doing to cater to my client. Can we say burnout?  I was drained! I quickly learned to set hours for myself and not allow myself to work past those hours, I set days where I was closed and stuck with them. I had to learn to give myself some time to relax, to rejuvenate, spend time with my family, go out on dates with my husband . . . it has to be done!”

Self-care, Prayer, and Date Nights

Qiana Turner is a happily married Christian mother who doesn’t let the stress of entrepreneurship and motherhood block her blessings. She’s able to combat the work “burn out” by implementing self-care and time-management into her daily routine. And her relationship with God helps her remain thankful for her current blessings, humble in the future, and passionate about her God-given talents. “My kids need me and that will be something that will never change. I manage stress in a few ways: prayer, self-care, mini-vacations, and date night. God can move anything out of the way! Anything I can’t handle, I give it to God. Leaving the kids with my husband and going for a spa treatment, hair appointment, retail therapy (shopping) helps relieve stress. I refuse to let stress do me in so I take all of these steps to maintain a healthy balance of life, being a mom, and an entrepreneur.”

For more information on how Qiana Turner can turn your next event into a memorable experience, contact her on her Facebook business page.  

Miesha Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing heartwarming and inspiring stories of everyday individuals who work to transform their dreams of success into reality.