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Rebranding and Innovation



Branding, as we know it, is vital. Branding is defining your identity and what you offer that sets you apart. Taglines are affiliated with your brand and are essential. Taglines sum up your identity with a catchphrase. Logos provide a visual image and a snapshot into your identity. Your identity is tied to your values and mission statement. What is it that defines you? What would you like to project?

As I scroll through social media threads, I see that Nike has had the Swoosh logo and “Just Do It” tagline and hasn’t changed it. It is their identity. They haven’t had to rebrand because they would confuse their stakeholders. Walmart changed their tagline after 19 years. It still contained their core values in a few short words. Their mission is to save their customers money on consumer products. Their tagline is plain, simple, clear, and concise. Their customers get it.

I also see companies that seem to change their catchphrase every quarter. In my opinion, this can confuse the customer. When you communicate a constant change in slogans, this can cast doubt and raise questions. Is your company confused in terms of your identity? Is your company in chaos? Is your culture healthy? Is your direction of the future clear? Are you not doing proper research and possibly having Copyright and Trademark infringements?

Over time, logos can become outdated and need to be visually revamped. The advance of design technology is prevalent and can be utilized when needed. When a transformation of rebranding is taken on, you are going to alter the stakeholders’ experience in some aspect. Change is constant, but first; adaptability and a broad range of ideas are needed.

Change is not mandatory if you are driving the results you set. Today, the focus is on adaptability and innovation. It is not limited to technology alone. It is adjusting to your audience, attracting top talent, and to be cutting edge. As we know, AI and gamification are now thriving in employee training and development. Technology moves fast and it is hard to keep up with, if you are not always on your toes.

Branding is your true identity. That identity must continue to innovate with skills, education, retention, analytics, marketing, and technology; to name a few. There is a value or mission statement that drives you and is a part of your purpose and identity. If you have uncertainty with your true identity, you are already behind in the game and will struggle to adapt correctly.

Leader for 20 years. Writer of 28 years. Retired from the Retail Industry. I am now doing what I was born to do: Create. I write, do web design, and graphic design.