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Skincare Recommendations for Women in Their 40s



Skincare Recommendations for Women in Their 40s

Don’t get surprised when those cute crinkles that appear only when you smile do not want to go away. Or if you used to enjoy the beach a little too much in your youth, expect to welcome some discoloration in your middle-age. Aging often happens overnight and how you treat your skin today can affect how you look when you’re deep into your senior years. But, not everything is that bleak! While you can’t stop aging, you can still have healthy and glowing skin if you follow a good skincare routine now that you’re in your golden 40s.

Go easy on the makeup

This is the first rule of having youthful skin: take it easy on the makeup. Many women think that overloading on makeup will hide those lines and wrinkles, but it will only make them more accentuated.


When it comes to mixing mature skin and makeup, less is always more. Even when you choose to wear makeup, watch out for the ingredients. Mineral formulas are healthier for all skin types, but you should still be moderate with the application. It’s better to splurge on things like a dermatologist who will help you create a personalized skincare plan than wasting money on too much makeup.


Invest in good cleansers

No matter if you wear makeup every day or not, your face should be cleaned regularly. However, using the wrong products can strip your skin of its natural protection and moisture, so choose something light and creamy. And NEVER be lazy with cleansing. Every night before you hit the hay, make sure to clean your face and spend the night with a makeup-free face. Sleeping with makeup can lead to irritation and even inflammations that could break down the plump matrix that gives your skin its elasticity and glow.



Cleansing and exfoliation go hand in hand, so don’t hesitate to grab a good exfoliant and treat your face once a week.


This will slough away all the dryness and rid you of those rough patches that make your wrinkles even more visible. However, just make sure to be gentle. If you go in too hard, you risk ending up with red, irritated and even painful skin.


Don’t forget the sunscreen

You might have been able to endure the sun when you were younger, but now you need to step up your game and protect your skin from the sun every day. If you’re spending more time outside, you’ll need at least SPF 30 sunscreen. The effects of sun exposure will accumulate over time and age your skin prematurely, so stay protected. In case you develop any sunspots, it’s not the end of the world either. There are products that can help you remove brown spots and give your skin that clear complexion. Choose a product that is gentle, yet effective in removing hyperpigmentation and discoloration of your skin. Best products are also hydrating for the double effect!


Feed your skin

In order to stay healthy, your skin needs to be fed with the right nutrients and antioxidants.

Feed your skin

These keep your skin soft and even-toned. However, finding the right product today can be hard due to the oversaturated market. But if you want to make things simpler, look for something filled with antioxidants and vitamins C and E.


Boost collagen

This protein keeps your skin remain elastic and youthful throughout your life. However, the bad news is that collagen wears down with time and your skin can get saggy and wrinkly. But, you can boost the collagen synthesis in the skin by using topical vitamin A products. Retinol is your decent over-the-counter option, but if you want something more powerful, see your dermatologist and you might get tretinoin or tazarotene prescription. Professionals will check your skin and see which type of vitamin A is best for your particular skin.


Get your beauty sleep

There’s a reason why beauty sleep is called beauty sleep! If you want to wake up looking fresh and youthful, make sure to catch enough Zs. While you rest, your body repairs the damage it went through during the day allowing your body to refresh. This will give you that healthy and rested glow when you leave the bed. Also, sleeping decreases stress levels which can slow down aging and reduce the damage to skin cells.

Get your beauty sleep

Your 40s are already the best years of your life. You have that emotional and financial stability, kids are all grown up and you and your partner can enjoy your relationship. And if you add healthy and youthful-looking skin to the mix, you have a pretty happy middle age to look forward to!


Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in social media and latest business technologies. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.