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The Black Millennial Girl Boss Who’s Doing it For the Culture



The Black Millennial Girl Boss Who’s Doing it For the Culture

What happens when you get a millennial, a girl boss, and a sprinkle of black girl magic? The answer is Julia Rock, founder of Rock Career Development.

Julia has been working in leadership for a Fortune 500 company since she graduated from college at the top of her class. With the desire to see her friends and family also dominate in the workforce, she began updating resumes and doing mock interviews, so they too could be prepared to secure the bag.

What started as a side gig to help friends upgrade their professional roles and enhance business savvy has turned into a career and leadership platform that equips other millennials to not only gain employment but level up in the workforce. In 2013, she turned her side gig into an actual business, launching Rock Career Development.

RCD’sconsulting services are for new graduates seeking their first introduction to the workforce and experienced professionals looking for a career change. The company offers a comprehensive suite of job search and career exploration services including in-depth resume and cover letter review, leadership coaching and development, interviewing preparation/coaching, and powerful networking tips and resources.

Julia Rock not only secured the bag but created a solution to see her peers do the same. For more information about Julia and/or Rock Career Development, visit her website or contact her publicist Demia Doggette at