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The Experiences Of A Social Media Influencer – Caroline Zalog



Caroline Zalog

Not many influencers are willing to tell the general public how exactly they got to where they are and how others can follow their footsteps towards success – but Caroline is kind enough to go against the norm and share her experiences in the entrepreneurship industry as a whole in order to teach her fellow entrepreneurs, influencers specifically, how they can actually get big in this wild and wide world of entrepreneurship! Let’s face it, Social Media took over our society and it is expected to grow even further in the next decades. If it was initially considered trivial to amass followers, is by now a serious career path that grants opportunities and success, if done right.


Social Media Lessons – Along The Way

Caroline Zalog has gone through many things during her career – some incredibly good and some incredibly unpleasant as a whole. As with everything, there are always ups and downs – but Caroline is here to both share her past AND present experiences, as well as help upcoming new entrepreneurs or, more specifically, influencers that plan on getting into fields like the one she has entered when she first began her incredibly inspiring career!

When she first began, she felt as if she was pretty much in the dark in regards to absolutely everything – she didn’t know what she should exactly do, nor did she know how to act and how to present herself. Over time, her timidity and fear-caused restrictions lifted themselves slowly but surely, allowing her to be herself and, in the end, to have an extremely enjoyable career as a whole.

While not everyone has an enjoyable career, Caroline believes that everyone can make a good, lovely living out of pretty much any career while also transforming a potentially unpleasant career into a fully enjoyable one with the right amount of blood, sweat, and tears! How can we not agree with this?


Social Media Successes – Bright Future

All the struggles which Caroline and many others like her have had to endure on their path to success have, ultimately, paid off – which is a lesson to be learned for just-starting entrepreneurs! With success, there comes struggle – and with struggle, there comes triumph!

Risks are also involved, especially in such careers. Anything can suddenly go wrong – from getting picked up by cancel culture and eventually getting thrown into obscurity, to losing your own way and even motivation. As a famous saying goes, “Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that giving up is the only sensible course of action. It simply means that risks should always be expected when it comes to walking upon the path of success – and many big influencers, no matter what they actually specialize in, will know of this concrete fact!

Being involved in such a generally social field is bound to be difficult – especially since entrepreneurs, influencers, in particular, tend to rely on their public image as well as nearly all the interactions they have with people. Being a people person is a critical trait in pretty much all entrepreneurs – and getting social in the right ways, right amounts and with the right people can be difficult at first, but it IS a skill to be learned.

At the end of the day, Caroline Zalog likes encouraging all others she encounters to simply allow themselves to be as authentic and true to their own person as they can be since, after all, an empire built on lies and nothing else is, in the end, no empire at all – and that’s a lesson all should learn before even trying a new venture.


Social Media and the explosion of the Internet have allowed anybody to transform their passion, calling, and mission into a profitable career. What it takes is having a guide or some sort of mentorship (= a plan) and then execute on it with all the passion you possess. It’s not all sunshine and rainbow, we know what is the downside of social media overload and excessive presence in our lives but if used properly can become a huge opportunity for anybody, despite their nationality, beginnings, or wealth.

Caroline’s journey is one worth watching as she progresses with genuineness and energy through a path millions of other young individuals are willing to walk. Caroline Zalog Instagram is reachable at @carolinezalog.

Marco A. Calamassi is an italian born entrepreneur in the digital marketing and ecommerce space. He lives between Miami and his homeland.