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Triple Threat: Mary Cowan



Mary Cowan

Triple threat Mary Cowan is ready to stun audiences with her multi-talented approach to the arts. At 15 years old, there is nothing Mary cannot do. She is prolific in the musical arts as a Viola player, self-taught pianist, and singer. Tall and lithe, she carries the couture of the highest Paris fashion houses with ease. As an actress, she strives to fulfill a comedic personality that leaves audiences hanging on her every word. “Nothing worthwhile comes easy,” she says, as she devotes her time to constantly perfecting her delivery and reception throughout the entertainment industry and world at large.

Throughout Mary’s life, she has prepared for her debut as the next big star on the horizon. Whether traveling and performing with Colorado’s State Choir or showcasing her talents on the viola to social season soiree guests, Mary does not hesitate to share her talents. She looks forward to the inevitable day where she will utilize her many gifts for the betterment of the global audience. Mary is currently under the tutelage of improvisation coaches who work to build her skills as an actress. “I love how,” in improv, “the group builds off of each other’s jokes and do so very quickly. It’s amazing to watch,” she says. As for modeling, Mary acknowledges that the best personalities have an acute awareness of their body’s positioning to the camera and that it’s much more difficult than it sounds. That said, photographs of Mary from as early as her first photo shoot is of the caliber that agents unanimously agree are of superior quality. “She’s definitely got it,” says Shannon Pierce of 4DMG.

Mary Cowan is the starlet to watch in 2019, and whether you find her on a catwalk, in an orchestra, or center stage in the latest TV drama, once you have heard her name and seen her face – you are guaranteed to remember her. While Mary is still receiving offers from agencies, she is represented by Rachel Dares PR & the ISET Agency where she can be reached for bookings.

Rachel Dares is a Former Newscaster | Columnist | Radio Host | President of Rachel Dares PR