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What Should be in a Baby Hamper? And Where to Buy Online in Singapore



baby hamper Singapore

We all eagerly wait for the arrival of the little one. And when the tiny little one makes his or her presence, all we want is to pamper the baby with loads of gifts. A baby hamper Singapore makes a practical gift. While it contains useful items like bamboo clothes, soft cotton blankets, thick and luxurious towels, and other essentials, it isn’t complete without adding entertaining items for the newborn baby. Baby hampers are all-in-one that cater to newborn’s daily needs as well as make the baby’s playing moments all fun and exciting. Different stores in Singapore offer ready-to-go baby sets and even allow you to customize your own hamper. Customizing the hamper is a good idea since you can add all the things that you want in a hamper. In this article, we will brief out where can you build your own hamper in Singapore and what are some of the best items that must include in it. 

Lovingly Signed

While searching for the best baby hamper Singapore, take a look at Lovingly Signed. The perfect array of carefully curated products make an ideal gift for any newborn. The store includes premium quality baby essentials, fun-filled stuffed toys (including the most-loved Jellycat), adventurous storybooks, toddlers’ backpacks and much more items that make an incredible gift for the incoming one. Visit their website and spoil a newborn with loads of gifts. 

What Should Be Included in a Gift Hamper

Customizing baby hamper is all fun and exciting till you get confused about what to add and what to skip. Things get more complicated when you enter a store like Lovingly Signed where you get lost in huge options to choose from. That’s where this blog is going to assist you. Here are some of the items that you can consider including in your hamper. 

Cotton Blanket

The utterly soft, thick and luxurious cotton blanket keep the baby all warm in a cold season. Wrap up the new one in the soft blanket to give a cozy and restful sleep. The blanket is made up of original quality ingredients that do not harm your baby’s skin in any way. No hamper is complete without adding a personalized blanket for the little one.  Make it a perfect keepsake for the entire family!

Luxurious Hooded Towels

Time to make your baby’s bath a fun and enjoyable moment! Baby towels are made of 100% soft cotton toweling material that are super absorbent and make your baby instantly dry. Also, it keeps the baby warm and protectant till the clothes are on. The hood serves to keep the head and ears warm so the baby can get cozy after a soothing bath. Adding a Luxurious Hooded Towel is a must-have in a baby gift hamper.

Bamboo Clothes

Give the baby the best eco-friendly gift! Bamboo is a soft fabric that is delicate on your baby’s skin and is safe for the environment at the same time. The Bamboo Bodysuit, Mittens, Socks, and Bibs are super stretchable and are comfortable enough to be worn all day. They make a wonderful part of your baby’s wardrobe. Bamboo Clothes are perfect for any newborn baby boy or girl who needs comfy clothes to wear all day long. 

Plush Toys

How can we forget about the squishy stuffed toys for the baby! These toys make the best pal for your little one. While they can be the best cuddle partner, they also become an incredible companion in playing moments of the baby. The best plush toys that you can add are of Jellycat. Their wide range includes Bashful Bunnies (top-selling among all), Elephant, Dino, Tiger, Mouse and much more. Rest your baby to sleep along with their favorite plush toy to cuddle with.


Best for toddlers and newborns, storybooks make a precious part of any gift hamper. A learning story with a kick of adventure goes well at bedtime and story time. While your baby nestles down for a sleep, a story with him as a main character is a perfect combination. It allows your baby to learn new things, provides innovative playing opportunities and takes him to their wildest imaginations. Some of the best story books that you can add in a hamper are Promises for You, If I were a Bunny, If I were a Unicorn, ABC Animals Alphabet Book and many other creative books.


The above-mentioned are some of the best items that complete a gift hamper. Find all these beautiful little items at Lovingly Signed and create a perfect baby hamper Singapore. The store packs all the gifts in beautiful lux box. Add a greeting card to send warm wishes to the new parents. Lovingly Signed sends all the gifts with love and make them a perfect keepsake for the whole family.

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