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Yana Saikouskaya’s Journey being a Major Real-Estate Player in Miami



Yana Saikouskaya's Journey being a Major Real-Estate Player in Miami

Real estate business in Miami for an outsider can be difficult. But Yana Sikouskaya left no stone unturned while starting and prevailing in the most happening entrepreneurship story you would ever come across.

Her firm, life management Prime Life Miami, helps people who come to Miami and required Rented apartments, Villas, Houses. Her firm is a one-stop solution for Renting a Yacht, Miami Tours, Private Jets, Private Schools, Driver/Personal Assistant, etc. Her second firm guides the clients in purchasing their Real Estate in Miami. Her client base includes numerous successful people from Russia and her working relationship with them is awe-inspiring.

But her journey has been really exciting, to say the least.

Born in Belarus, Minsk, Yana Saikouskaya has a wounded childhood growing in this small country where people don’t even have the right to vote. Living under a dictator, the living circumstances were shocking, to say the least. She lost her father at the age of four. Her mother had to work several jobs to make the need. Yana swept the stairs in the morning at the age of seven to earn her first salary.


Yana worked three full days a week to pay for her school expenses. She fought in a casino at the age of sixteen to pay for her university when tragedy struck. Her mom was murdered when Yana was working. That’s where Yana decided to move out of her country to Miami in order to start a new life. She was fed up with constant problems resurfacing in her country and that’s where her entrepreneurship journey began.

She decided to open a company for the richest of rich people who visit Miami. Although she did not have the obligated funds to hire professions for developing a website, she took the road less traveled by. She learned the art of developing a website and creating content. She learned how the internet works, website maintenance and design. Become a professional rather than hiring one-That became his Mantra for Success.

She wanted to bring her website to the first page on google. She noticed a few pointers while noticing the statistics. If you have the money and children, you would look for private schools. If you’re moving to a different country, every mother would think about a child.

Yana started receiving clients in her first month of operation that helped her break even. From second work itself, she started drawing a stable income of around $4000. Everyone around her discouraged her from starting her business due to the neck to neck competition in the 21st Century. But seeking rich and facing failure was embedded in her due to her past struggles and that made her business possible and profitable due to homegrown ambitions.

Her client base includes the rich, high ranking politicians, celebrities and successful businessmen from numerous countries. Her mantra for success is patience. The longevity of a plan brings inspiring results. Short Term Goals can never fetch long term happiness. Being result-oriented is a good thing but it is way better to enjoy the journey first. It is equally important to talk about failures and failing so that the others can draw conclusions. Life is a learning curve. Initiate life by learning and then go on to teach people through your failures so that they don’t repeat your mistakes.

Showcasing success is also very important. This motivates every person and is cool, to say the least. It will help others push themselves to start their own firm and work under their own conditions. Being a job giver rather than job seeker is the way to go in the 21st Century.

Two things Yana thought she should’ve been told before she started where experience is the most expensive. Every step whether if it’s right is good and if not right it is even better. From experience, you can take very big lessons and apply them in the future.  Experiencing experience is the most important learning curve in life.

Yana understands that the significant challenge of starting a job for her was to believe in herself. She had difficulties in her head when stayed and kept playing with her courage but once she discovered solace in her own self, she carried herself that unbelievable feeling of preference and apparently positive to overcome the world world.

Many people come to Yana after recording about her and knowing her story to thank her for inspiring them. This gives her much-needed assistance of effectiveness and encourages her to turn her energies into an opportunity not only to earn and resolve down but to also escort others towards their dreams selflessly and find everyone smiling and thriving around her.

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