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Different bridesmaid dresses, same color: How to make your bridesmaids stand out



Bridesmaids play an very important role in weddings, they stay with the bride, help her with many things, and support her psychologically. As a bride, you want your besties look their best on your big day, and everyone can stand out in a crowd. A great way to achieve this is mixing and matching the styles in the same color. This will allow each of your squad pick up their flattering style, look unique while still keep a cohesive look. In this article, we will share you some tips on how to make your squad stand out in different styles of bridesmaid dresses same color. 

Pick a Color that Compliments Your Wedding

Your bridesmaids don’t have to blend into the background. A complimentary color to your wedding can make sure each girl stand out without straying too far away from the overall look of the wedding. After you have decided on the main color of your wedding, you could start to consider the bridesmaids’ attire. Once you have the main color chosen, think about how you can add in some additional colors to create a unique look. For instance, if your wedding color is dusty rose, you may choose desert rose, burgundy for your bridesmaids. These colors will give your wedding palette some depth and sophistication.

You may also consider pairing some hues of the same color family togehter such as light blue with navy, dusty rose with burgundy, or terracotta with rusted red. These ombres will combine nicely with the main color of your wedding, while still giving each of your squad her own unique look. 

Your bridesmaids should have a say to their dresses!

Having your bridesmaids involved in your wedding planning especially in bridesmaid dresses shopping is very important, it can make sure everyone will be happy and look their best on the big day. It’s essential that you have an idea how you would like the bridesmaids’ gowns to be, and meanwhile give the girls enough freedom to express themselves.

In this way, your girls can choose the style the like the most within your given palette. And it can also take some stress off of you. Each girl knows her own personal style, figure and skin tone the best, they can pick up the best design, and in the assigned color range, the dresses will cohesive each other and compliment your overall look of the wedding.

Also, let your squad choose their accessories, paring the dresses with their preferred shoes and jewelry is an be nice but if each bridesmaid has their own unique style,

Finally don’t forget about your fiance and the groomsmen, allow them to pick up their own styles of suits and tuxedos, so that can feel just as included in the wedding festivities as your girls.


How to guarantee your squad pick the same color

It’s not easy at all to make sure your bridesmaids dresses in the same color when you mix and match the styles. You need to make sure that the styles picked up by your maids look an ensemble. Although it’s difficult, the effort is worthy when you finally make it come true, because this way all your squad can show off their unique individual styles and personalities while look cohesive as a bridal party. The key point to have your squad shop the same color is to find a store that offers different kinds of styles possible, so that every girl can find their most flattering design, and you can contact the seller and let them make sure all the colors are the same. Fortunately, eDresstore is one of the perfect destinations that offer a wide range of styles and a large number of color options. Your bridal party will surely create a beautiful look that reflects all your girls’ individual tastes and personalities.


Adding accessories to the bridesmaids’ dresses is a great way to make each of them stand out while still wearing the same color. Letting them choose jewelry, handbags, and hair pieces that reflect their own style will ensure that each look is unique. Jewelry such as statement necklaces and earrings can be used to add a personal touch, and handbags in the same or contrasting colors can be used to add a pop of color. Hairpieces like flower crowns, headbands, and clips can also be used to create a cohesive look. By letting each bridesmaid choose their own accessories, you can ensure that everyone will have something special that reflects their personality.

Overall, accessorizing is a great way to make sure all of your bridesmaids stand out while wearing the same color. Whether it’s jewelry, handbags, or hair pieces, allowing each bridesmaid to choose their own accessories will help create a unique and cohesive look for your wedding day.

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