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How Is International Association of Women London Chapter Changing Lives?



This women’s organization has taken it upon itself to bring about the long-needed change for women and give them equality in this world. The notoriety they received enabled them to expand internationally, and IAW will soon begin giving training support and opportunities to women. The organization operates in such a unique way that women are given professional development at all levels, from executives to professional business owners.

Furthermore, IAW Members provide networking opportunities for all women to stay in touch with one another, keeping them up to speed on networking opportunities, resources, and support for professional women in their professions and encouraging work-life balance. By building a route and working with industry leaders and experts, the IAW’s tools enable women to pursue their passion in all the appropriate ways.If you are a professional woman looking for community and to create greater impact, then this article is for you.

The Member Board of the IAW

Ngan Nguyen is the current President of the International Association of Women’s London Chapter. With a board of ten women and senior advisers from the London region, the team works to create a healthy atmosphere that benefits the community and helps members succeed. So many women are already participating in this and achieving success in their fields of interest.

This organization is also encouraging additional women to join them in their aim of disseminating information and providing skills for success to women who have previously suffered as a result of gender prejudice. Their tagline,“Dream. Rise. Lead.” captures the heart of their objective and properly expresses who they are as an organization.“Whether you’re getting established in your career, seeking growth opportunities, leading a team, managing a sidehustle, or considering entrepreneurship, IAW membership is designed to help you make connections and will equip you with the resources necessary to help you get to the next level.”

More About IAW President Ngan Nguyen

Ngan Nguyen is more than simply the President of IAW. Her career has been dedicated to assisting people in achieving their goals. She is the director of Cintamani Group and is now working on the Vision For Mastery Accelerator Program, in which she is giving a platform for all people who desire to achieve morein their future.

Ngan is a genuine role model for all entrepreneurs and professional women since she is a self-made businesswoman who started from nothing. By the age of 16, she was just a homeless youngster with big goals who worked hard to accomplish them. An entrepreneur and strategist, she is keen to strengthen the IAW community in London and is pleased by the group’s quick growth. According to Nguyen,“We have already filled 9 of the ten roles on the board and have been expanding rapidly since January 2022.”IAW is the next big platform for women to use to advance in their careers.

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