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How To Wear Tights The Chic Way?




Ask any lady to name their favorite piece of comfortable clothing and they would say “tights”. We also know them by the name leggings. They are nice, warm and most of all, they give good coverage to your legs.

You can create a whole capsule wardrobe of the best women’s tights that can be paired with party wear dresses, coats, sweaters, and tops. It’s an art to look stylish in tights. If you really want to look good, never wear them like normal trousers.

Are There Any Rules?

There are no particular rules but you should know what looks best with tights. Longer tops and tunics. Short dresses are a good choice as well. They look great when you treat them as a base for your clothes. If you are in the mood to wear a shorter top, I would recommend pairing it with jeans or pants rather than tights.

Tips For Pairing Tunics with Tights

Now let’s get into the real deal. What to pair with tights to complete a flattering look for the day? Here are some options:

Long Asymmetrical Tops

Asymmetrical tops are perfect to rock on a casual day. If you want to look extra, choose a top with vertical lines.

Printed Tops

Pairing up your tights with contemporary prints makes for a unique fashion statement. Check out collections like M prints or those of other designers and take your pick.

Short Dresses

Tights aren’t just meant to go with tunics and tops. You can also wear them with a short dress and make a real statement.  A floral dress with black tights and booties is my favorite look for a chilly day.

Plaid Shirt

Are you a fan of plaid shirts? That makes two of us. I would prefer a longer shirt with tights. This is perfect if you want to hide your thighs and buttocks.

It doesn’t just have to be a plaid shirt in blue or red, it could be a long shirt as well.

Poncho or Cardigan

Tights are definitely your friend if you want to layer up. They look great when worn under long tops with a cardigan or poncho. And you will complete the look by pairing them with ankle booties.

This style is really admirable when running errands or going for a walk.

Long Sweater

When you are headed into cooler weather, why not team your rights with a cozy knit? I would prefer choosing a long-line sweater that covers you till your knees. If you are confident about your buttocks, you can always pair tights with a short sweater and skip the skinny jeans.

Jackets and Long Coats

When it’s warm outside, ditch the cardigan and wear a long coat with tights to keep you warm. Another idea is to wear a top/short dress with leggings and layer it up with a denim or leather jacket.

What Shoes to Wear with Tights?

Just as there are a bunch of tunics that go well with tights, you have to be picky about shoes as well. Shoes are like a finishing touch to your entire look. If you are not wearing the right ones, this could dim the entire look.

Let’s explore our options in shoes:

  • Booties
  • Sneakers
  • Knee-high boots
  • Vamp shoes
  • Wedges

Best Accessories to Wear with Tights

Tights invite a casual look. Therefore, you can pair them with any kind of casual accessory from scarves, to crossbody bags, and studs, to long neckless. You can also wear wide waist belts when you are pairing tights with skirts.

How to Look Best In Tights?

Tights don’t look flattering on all body types. If you have thick calves, it’s best to wear skinny jeans. They will make your calves look slimmer. Another option is wide-legged pants.

Tights look flattering on an apple-shaped body. You can cover your belly with a long tunic or top and how your skinny legs. Ladies with pear-shaped body can also wear leggings. But it’s important that you wear a top of appropriate length to look flattering.

Tights are not just appropriate to wear in fall and winter, you can wear them in summer as well. I would prefer wearing Capri tights to beat the heat. They are the perfect attire to wear when you are traveling. You feel comfortable throughout the trip and you look flattering.


Keep white, beige, and black tights in your wardrobe. They are just as good as jeans if you wear them right and pair them with the correct top.

Recently, I bought some Pakistani dresses online USA and I was surprised to see a pair of black tights looked so good with a long green eastern tunic. That means you can also experiment with different looks when it comes to wearing tights for casual wear.