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Queen Zaynab Otiti Obanor’s philanthropy is the best source of inspiration for millions of people



Philanthropy provides both the one who does the giving and the person who receives it with a feeling of fulfillment, while also providing the recipient with a means of subsistence. While regular people make charitable contributions according to their means, many wealthy business magnates, IT experts, and corporate founders and executives have made it a personal mission to engage in philanthropy on their own. Their enormous contributions have had a tremendous influence on a wide variety of fields, including education, humanitarian rights, child labor, refugee aid, medical care, and poverty, to name just a few of the many causes they have supported.

Giving time and money to improve the lives of other people is at the heart of what it means to be philanthropic. It is a comfort to learn that philanthropists are still active in today’s society, which is filled with individuals who may easily get consumed by their own aspirations. However, philanthropy is one term that is susceptible to being misunderstood or abused in several contexts. Does it just include taking part in activities that benefit charity causes? Or setting aside a certain sum for contributions? Because of this uncertainty, you can find yourself questioning what it means to be charitable. Continue reading to learn about Queen Zaynab Otiti Obanor‘s philanthropic efforts and how she can be a source of motivation to millions of people.


Having a strong commitment and passion

In her role as a philanthropist, Queen Zaynab places a strong emphasis on leaving a legacy via her charitable contributions. She has been providing assistance to needy children and women originating from rural areas. She is a representative of the United Nations Population Fund in her role as an ambassador (UNFPA). One day just is not enough time to put in the work required to complete this task. She does this with an honest desire to make the world a better place, and she is well aware that she will be involved in this endeavor for the foreseeable future. She is always willing to make an effort to learn all there is to know about the organization and the cause. She does not only give aid; rather, she suggests a method that is more strategic for approaching the situation.

Due to the fact that she feels a strong connection to the cause, Queen Zaynab invests as much of her time as she can into the expansion of The Arab African Economic Development Initiative. This initiative works to strengthen the political, cultural, and economic ties that exist between African and Arab nations. In a similar vein, she would never, ever, simply give up on any project once she has started it; rather, she will continue working on it until her vision is achieved.


Fame means nothing to her

Queen Zaynab is of the opinion that selflessness is the most admirable quality in a person. It’s possible that some individuals even consider philanthropists to be heroes. Those that are genuine in their desire to accomplish it, on the other hand, do not worry about the glory that it will bring them. In a same vein, Queen Zaynab does not go about boasting about the excellent actions she has done and expecting to be rewarded for them. She is less interested in pursuing fame for herself and more concerned with becoming an inspiration to others. This is due to the fact that she is of the opinion that the sense of accomplishment and contentment that comes with generosity is already a significant reward in and of itself.

Those individuals who put up an honest effort to effect favorable change in the lives of others are comparable to priceless pearlsIt is such a joy to see Queen Zaynab’s work because of all of the positive things that are linked with generosity.

I am Brett, a young entrepreneur and author of Kivodaily. I also writes for Usawire, The Weekly Trends and other publications.