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If you are focused and determined enough to achieve your goals, then the sky is the limit. This isn’t just some fancy quote but a real-life lesson from Sara Yahia’s life. Breaking all stereotypes and hurdles, she is paving her way to success through utter hard work, passion, determination, and focus to achieve her goals. The road to success is never a two-way street, rather it always has bumps. All one needs is the courage to cross those bumps efficiently, and Sara knows her way through such challenging routes.


Her journey was surely not a piece of cake. She faced her fair share of discrimination and harassment, but instead of acting as a victim, she came out strong and kept her calm to efficiently deal with all those obstacles. One of her greatest qualities is her resilient attitude. She used all negative criticism, bullying, discrimination, and harassment as a fuel to be courageous enough to get through such difficult situations. She became a strong woman with a powerful will to help build lives of meanings. She made her way to the top as a positively singular leader who accept differences.


Sara’s entire life journey has contributed to shaping her personality and unique ideologies toward inclusiveness and justice. With more than 10 years of international experience in Human Resources and Business Development, Sara has succeeded to build an impressive and positive image of herself while forging meaningful relationships. Her understanding of the impact of cultural, operational, and financial factors on businesses allowed her to implement effective and tactical strategies throughout organizations. She was also able to promote diversity to ensure that all employees are given equal opportunities to grow. To foster inclusivity, she always combined top-down and bottom-up approaches for a stronger company culture. But she implemented revolutionary visions starting from the top to worked its way down. To do so easily, she communicated them in the local language to better connect with team members and show them care beyond expectation.


She studied in New York where she acquired an impressive academic journey earning Summa Cum Laude honors, and a M.S. majoring in Business Management and Leadership.  Her curiosity and respect for other cultures pushed her to become a polyglot leader. She is now fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Sara has never shied away from learning new skills or polishing her existing abilities to be a better leader and business partner. Her skills combined with her unique out-of-the-box thinking, and charismatic personality allowed her to acquire a perfect approach to dealing with people.


Sara has witnessed diversity from a very close angle. Indeed, she grew up in the United States, and worked in Spain, USA, and Qatar through different industries. Sara’s multicultural background enabled her to easily adjust herself to changing situations or environments. Her multicultural mind allows her to understand people from multiple cultural backgrounds, and better establish clear norms of behavior while creating a respectful, harassment-free, diverse, inclusive, empowering, and collaborative workplace for employees. She developed cross-cultural training and policies while making sure to respect cultural festivities.


Sara is a very reliable person and always behave as an exemplary leader. She aspires to act as a leader of change in all of her endeavors. Having a trustworthy, charismatic, generous, self-confident, and proactively helpful personality, Sara became a true champion in implementing diversity, justice, inclusivity, and multicultural strategies. She is doing everything in her power to encourage a safe, diverse, and empowering culture where all employees can get equitable treatments and opportunities. Through these efforts, Sara strives to enhance the changes she wants to see in the world. Her stellar personality and exceptional career are the reasons that she is undeniably a singular leader who needs to be watched out.


I am Jaye Wells, a mom and blogger. I am here to share my personal views on artist, business and celebrities.